Contour your face and body with just one product!

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but contouring is IN! This term essentially means enhancing your facial structure with makeup. However, it can be difficult to know where to start! If like us, you don’t have hours to blend 1,000 different concealers and foundation shades into your face and you simply want a quick fix, then watts up may just be your dream product! Our Assistant Trend and Makeup Artist (& Brow Expert), Lauren Hogsden, talks us through how to highlight – even in places you would have never thought! Over to you Lauren…

 “As a makeup artist, I will not go anywhere without a highlighter in my kit. Highlighting gives the illusion of three dimensions to your face, will emphasize the shape of your brows (whilst giving you an instant brow lift) and even slims down your nose.


 watts up


Introducing watt’s up to you beauties! It’s a stunning soft focus cream-to-powder highlighter that has a gorgeous champagne glow. It is the perfect way to lift the highest points of your face and enhance your bone structure.


Watts up- Use to highlight the face

Blend watts up with your fingers of the sponge

To instantly contour your face, glide watt’s up onto your cheek bones, brow bones and even the bridge of the nose. Then, smooth and sculpt with the soft glow blender at the end of the product, or blend with your ring finger. The great thing with watt’s up is that it can be applied under or over existing makeup! You can even give your cupid’s bow (which is the middle of your upper lip) a little highlighting lift, which will give the illusion of a fuller lip for the perfect pout (see blog post here)!

 watts up to contour your body


Have a special evening out?!  And wearing your favourite saucy low-cut dress?! Well why not run a little watt’s up over your collarbone, giving you a delicate highlight to your decolletage, that looks “Oh so glam.”


Contour legs with watts up



Now for my favourite little trick! You can run watt’s up down the shins of your legs….nothing makes your legs look more silky smooth.

 So why not give watt’s up a try and perk up your complexion and accentuate the features you love.”


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Love & Lipstick,


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