10 Things We Loved Doing in the Summer Holidays (but our parents hated)

Now that we’re in the thick of the school summer holidays we’re reminiscing about our highly anticipated, six week break. Here are just a few of the things that we realised we LOVED, but the grown ups in our lives probably hated… Soz guys:


10 things we loved doing in the summer holidays (but our parents hated)

1. Play dates…it was fabulous for both you and your parents when you could go over to your friends house to play for the day. Oh, and the excitement for you to repay the favour was all too much to handle… well for you. Your parents dreaded it. Ratty kids.

2. Going to work with the grown ups for the day was SO exciting. All that paper shredding and office exploring you could do, the world was our oyster! Just a shame everyone else in the office wished you would leave them alone so they could actually tackle their 200 unread emails in peace.

3. Summer holidays away were just amazing! Your bags were magically packed with washed and ironed clothes. Wonder how they got like that?! 😉

4. Yes, you were on a 6 week break, but your parents weren’t. You didn’t remember that when you wanted attention as they walked in the door from their 8 hour working day.

5. You ended up having a better tan than them.

6. The only time you will probably have 6 weeks off again is when you’re out of a job #awks

7. Bike riding was so fun as the summer breeze ran through your hair… now it’s just exercise. Horrible, horrible exercise.

8. The sight of bouncy castles would make you SO excited. You just wanted to run up and jump around for hours, and maybe, just maybe, you would even master the back flip this year. Meanwhile your parents had to head down to the bank to take out a small loan to afford the cost per minute they charged to go on that blimmin’ hazard.

9.  Tree climbing= splinters and visits to A&E. That is all.

10. For you the 6 weeks flew past, and you would reminisce over the fun you had for months after. For your parents, it lasted for ever. ROLL ON SEPTEMBER.


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