Beauty and the Beats!

So beauties, have you heard the news? Benefit Cosmetics now has its very own radio station! Hosted by our very own Director of First Impressions, Neens, tune in for plenty of giggles and beats! Here, Nina explains what it is all about. Over to you Neens:

“Hi Benebabes & Benebeaus – Guess what? Benefit now has it’s very own radio show every Thursday at 2pm. 


So why are we doing this we hear you say? Well… Benetowers is homed in the famous Marconi building, where the first transatlantic radio wave was broadcast. Thanks to Mr Marconi himself and Dame Nellie Melba, Chelmsford is now the birthplace of radio. So it would be rude not to have our own radio show right?

radio 1


Beauty and the beats goes out LIVE every Thursday at 2pm and you can listen here

radio 2 

We really want this station to be for YOU the Benebabes around the UK, so please feel free to get requests/dedications/ideas/suggestions in using the hashtag #beautyandthebeats on Twitter, or via and we’ll pick up on it.

So please do get involved, afterall it’s YOUR own radio show.

The “Friday Feeling” now starts on Thursday at 2pm

Lots of love,

Neens xx

radio 3

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