10 CBA’s that have only started happening in 2015

We don’t know about you, but over the last 5 years or so we have noticed a significant increase in our CBA (can’t be ar$ed) levels! Here, we talk through the 10 things that have only recently become an issue. The struggle is real, Benebabes:

10 things we can no longer be bothered to do

1.When your phone memory is so full you actually have to DELETE photos to take more selfies…Erghhhh. You genuinely look into how much it would cost to increase your storage. That seems way less effort.


2.Writing AND posting a birthday card is just way too much effort. Moonpig it is… Thank goodness for next day delivery.


3. Gone are the days of trying on clothes for hours and hours and wondering what to buy. Now you can just click “play” on ASOS, and you will OBVIOUSLY look the same as the size 8 6ft model walking down the cat walk… *adds to basket*.


4. Flagging down a taxi is just way too much effort for those arms. Uber… we salute you. And double win if the cab has water in the back for you to sip on, tapping that app was hard work.


5. Every day you hear on the TV (nod to the money saving expert), how much money you can save if you just switch over your credit cards. But CBA really… we’ll pay our 79% interest, cheers.


6. Trying to remember when you last saw your mate is an effort in itself… Now you know if it’s been too long if they pop up on TimeHop from a year ago, that’s the time to organise a meet up again.


7. Having to text all your best girl mates to arrange a get to together. Thank god for WhatsApp. Group chats are the way forward (until you run out of data and have to connect to WIFI to receive the 126 messages you’ve missed in the last hour).


8. The dreaded message that pops up to inform you that you are in need of an iOS update. SERIOUSLY… CBA to delete all your apps, wait for the download, upload all your apps again, and then wait for your eyes to adjust to the flashy new looking icons on your phone. Erghhh we need to have a sit down just thinking about it.


9.That realization that is no longer a suitable email address so you need to create a new one… and then switch your whole email life over… may as well wait until we get married anyway, because we will only have to do it again then. CBA.


10. CBA to have to type in your pin number, so you do all you can to keep the cost below £20 just so you can use contactless card.



Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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