Celebrating #morewomen with our Bene-spirational Women!

You may well have seen that our BFF’s at Elle magazine have launched a campaign within their latest issue that’s really got us thinking! What they’ve come to realise is that there are just too many instances in the working world where women are represented by a single female. The harsh reality is that women rarely outnumber men!

Well, here at Benefit, we truly believe that there is room for #morewomen at the top! To celebrate this campaign, we think it’s about time we championed our women at the top of Benefit! Here’s the lowdown:

Jean and Jane Ford

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These lovely ladies are the original Benefit gals… yes the founders… you can’t really get better than that ;). Who couldn’t be inspired by two Indiana-native, farm girls who turned into successful models & makeup artists! They moved to San Francisco to pursue their dream and live and breath their mantra of “makeup doesn’t have to be serious to look good!”. We salute you, ladies!

Annie & Maggie Ford Danielson

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As Benefit’s Global Beauty Authorities, these sisters (Jean’s daughters, Jane’s nieces) certainly had Benetint running through their veins. This duo live and breath Benefit’s “laughter is the best cosmetic” mantra. Following in the footsteps of Jean and Jane, they are at the heart of innovation here at Benefit.


Gail Bojaski
Ian Gail and Sarah by AshleyPatonPhotography_181

Ever wondered how Benefit traveled from San Fransico to the U.K.? Well, look towards Gail for the answer! Having a background in the cosmetics industry, along with her friend, Ian, Gail found the brand in 1996 after¬†deciding there was a real niche in the U.K. market for new cosmetic brands. Who couldn’t fall in love with all those quirky names and products that WOW! From us and the thousands of other U.K. Benebabes… we thank-you, Gail!

Who are the inspirational women in your lives, Benebabes? Tweet us using the hashtag #morewomen.

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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