The Top 10 Make up Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

We don’t know about you, but we are already CRAVING some sunshine! Well guess what beauties, we may be in the thick of winter, but our makeup can fast forward us straight into Spring! “How?” we hear you ask. Well, our Head Makeup and Trend Artist, Lisa Potter Dixon, has but together the top makeup trends of Spring/Summer 2016 for you to try! Over to you Lisa…

“Want to know how to achieve the top 10 make up trends for Spring/Summer 2016? Well here, I show you how to do them ALL! 


Look 1

Big brows

The big brow isn’t going anywhere! And as it’s the Year of The Brow, what better time to get your ‘wow brow’ on than now?!

Spring/ Summer Trends 2016| bold brows

Look 2

Modern Mermaid

A trend I helped to create via the Sophia Webster show at LFW, this ethereal look is all about highlighting to the extreme.

Spring Summer Trends 2016| The Modern Mermaid

Look 3


Sun Stripping

This unique trend will potentially be bigger than strobing. A quick and easy way to give you that ‘Just been having fun in the sun’ look.


Look 4

The lip debate

It’s all about two lip colours this season, The perfect nude and cherry red. Pick and choose as you please!


Look 5

Blue eyes

I predict this will be the biggest trend of the season, and my love for they’re real! blue mascara is now justified! So don’t be blue this summer, wear it!

Spring Summer Trends 2016| Blue Eyes

Look 6

Sunset eyes

A beautiful look with a beautiful name. The soft pastels of the Sunset eye works for everyone.

Spring Summer Trend 2016| Sunset Eyes

Look 7

90’s Liner

It’s back and, as a 90’s teenager, I’m thrilled! Also a great look for those that struggle with liner as it’s the opposite to perfect.

Spring Summer 2016 Trends| 90's Liner

Look 8

The colour block eye

A cool alternative to a smoky eye. Edgy but wearable.

Spring Summer Trends 2016| Colour block

Look 9

Lash it up

It’s all about the gorgeous lashes. For me, nothing lashes it up better than mascara. If you pair up they’re real! tinted primer with they’re real! mascara, then watch out, because you might just fly away 😉

Spring Summer Trends 2016| Lash It Up

Look 10

A hint of Glitter

Yes! It’s not just for christmas! Glitter is here for the summer too! Wear it as liner, pat it in the centre of your eye, or go all out with a glittery smoky eye! Shimmer & shine its always glitter time!

Spring Summer 2016| Glitter it up!

Want to see the looks in full PLUS a tutorial? Check it out on You Tube! Enjoy and let me know which is your fave! #learnwithlisa @Lisa_Benefit

Love and Lipstick,


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