Have you met our #bestfriends Starbucks?!

Benefit’s and Starbucks friendship first blossomed over Twitter and now the two brands are total BFF’s!  To spread the love, we have joined forces to offer complimentary makeuppers at Benefit and 2-4-1 on coffees at Starbucks right across the UK throughout February.  The dream….coffee + cosmetics!

best friends

All you need to do you is pop into your nearest Benefit counter (you can find yours here) and collect a beautiful Benefit coffee sleeve which you can redeem at Starbucks for buy-one-get-one-free on hot drinks.  Easy!  So let’s set the scene for a minute…you and your #bestfriend have got your favourite Burnt Caramel Latte’s in hand (Mmmmm!) and you’re just about to head out of Starbucks….WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!  Don’t miss out…you need to pick up your pink emoji coasters which you can redeem at Benefit for a complimentary makeupper.

bag, coffee, coaster and sleeve

So grab your partner in crime, your bosom buddy, the yin to your yang and share your love of coffee and cosmetics.

PS – don’t forget to share your gorgeous cosmetics and coffee posts with us using #bestfriends @benefitcosmeticsuk @starbucksuk

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