How to: Sun Strip!

There is nothing that makes us dream about those warm summer days more than that moment it’s pouring down with rain. And yep, before you know it your hair is matted beyond tangle teaser salvation, your makeup no longer exists and your top has gone slightly see-through. Annoying central! Well you know us ladies, there is nothing a bit of makeup can’t fix, to make us feel like we have that glowing summer smile all over again!

You may have seen from one of our previous posts, that one of the biggest makeup trends for Spring/ Summer 2016 is in fact sun stripping (no not THAT kind.. the makeup kind!). ¬†Combining this with some cheeky faux feckles can achieve a cute, sun kissed glow! Here, our Head Makeup and Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon who talks us through faux freckling and stripping to fake it until that sun makes an appearance…


Step 1

Apply your foundation, fill in your brows, apply your eye and lip make up as usual.

Step 2

Pat dew the hoola over your base to give your skin a healthy, sun kissed glow.

Step 3

Apply hoola in a strip, starting from the nose out to the ear on either side of the face


IMG_3924Step 4

Blend out with a fluffy blusher brushIMG_3922

Step 5

You can either stop there, or to add cute freckles, tap a hair grip into brow-zings light (the deeper your skin tone, the deeper the shade you should use) then press the tip of the grip on your face to create the freckle. Repeat until you have as many freckles as you like!

Want try out this trend for yourself? Reach out using #learnwithlisa (@lisa_benefit), or check out the full video tutorial here:


Love and lipstick,


The Digital Darlings xx

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