Here comes the Benebride! The natural look.

There is no better season than wedding season! Those beautiful outfits, confetti, bubbles… ahhhh it makes us smile just thinking about it! However, let’s face it, when it comes to your bridal makeup, it can seem a little daunting! But, guess what- with a little practice and some good quality products, you can achieve whatever look you like, all by yourself! We asked our assistant makeup and trend artist, Lauren Hogsden to give us some tutorials! Follow our blog to get some looks over the coming weeks! This week, we are learning the natural look! Over to you Lauren…

The big day is here, and it’s time to look & feel your best! Let your natural beauty dazzle all day, with fluttery eye lashes, big beautiful eyes and a natural glossy lip with this gorgeous look. Here’s how to do it…

Romantic look for Wedding makeup


Step 1

Apply that gal primer lightly and evenly all over your complexion, working from the centre of the face out. This will create a beautifully bright and radiant platform for your makeup!


Step 1- apply that gal


Step 2

Apply hello flawless oxygen WOW foundation. Work from the centre of the face out, to ensure you get maximum coverage to the T-Zone and no product build up at the hairline.

Top tip: You’ll be photographed from all angles, so don’t forget those ears!


Step 2- Apply Hello Flawless foundation


Step 2- Apply Hello Flawless foundation- Don't forget the ears!


Step 3

Stay don’t stray is perfect for your big day to conceal any redness around the eyes, and make your eye shadow stay put! Dot the product 360 around the eye and blend with your ring finger or a concealer brush.

Step 3- Apply stay don't Stray


Step 4

Time to frame those eyes with a little gimme brow through the eyebrow! Go away from the hair, then with!

Top tip: Get the Benefit signature brow wax and tint to ensure your brows are in tip top shape prior to your big day!

Step 4- gimme brow

Step 5

Big beautiful eyes is the perfect pallet for your big day! Use the concealer to add a bit more coverage to the underneath of your eyes. This will hide any lack of sleep from being too excited 😉

Top tip: Keep it light! It’s easier to add than take product away!

Step 5- Use big beautiful eyes- boiing concealer under the eyes

Use the pinky colour within your pallet and pat all over the eye lid. By patting the product on to keep the pigment of the shadow strong!

Top tip: Fold over a tissue and hold it to the corner of your eye. This will prevent any fall down and keep a nice sharp line to give an instant eye lift!

Step 5- Use big beautiful eyes- Pink colour all over eye lid

Use the middle shade on the outer corner of the eye and slightly blend into the socket. Then use the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye and blend up until three quarters of the way along the lash line to add depth to the eye.

Top tip: Blend in circular motions to make sure the blend is seamless!

Step 5- Use big beautiful eyes- Pink Brown on outer corner of lid

Next, dab some of the lightest colour on the inner corner of the eye. This will make those eyes look even more big and beautiful!

Step 5- Use big beautiful eyes- Pink in corner

Using the darkest shade, run the shadow along the lower lash line. This will create a gorgeous smokey but natural look!

Step 5- Use big beautiful eyes- Dark under eyes

Step 6

Time to layer up those lashes! Use roller lash for a naturally fluttery look!

Step 6- roller lash

Step 7

Dot high beam along the brow bone, top of the cheek bone and down those nose. Then, use your finger to lightly bold. This will give a gorgeous glow on your big day!

Step 7- High beam

Step 8

Using a fluffy brush, swirl into hervana box o’powder and tap off the excess. Then, apply to the apples of the cheeks and stroke up towards the tops of the ears.

Step 8- Apply hervana blush

Step 9

Sweep some POREfessional agent zero shine lightly over face to bring the look together. You’ll only need a small amount!

Step 9- POREfessional agent zero shine

Step 10

Apply hydra-smooth lipstick in air kiss using a lip brush for a really precise application, and finish with icebreaker ultra plush lip gloss for a glossy natural look!


Step 11- Finish with ice breaker lipgloss

Step 10- air kiss lipstick


And there you have it! Ready to own that aisle! Want any tips? Reach out on Twitter or Instagram using #learnwithlauren @lauren_benefit

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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