You know you’re a Digital Darling when…

So, we have a confession. Us Digital Darlings have realised that the way we act on a day-to-day basis is a little errrrr… odd. It’s only when speaking to somebody outside of the social media world that we have thought that maybe, just maybe, it is not so normal *face palm*! But we have a feeling that we are not alone! So come on… hands up if you are guilty of these too:

SOC15_hotstuff_IG_PuffOff_Coffee_Laptop1/ Food is no longer there to be just eaten. Beautiful flat lay shots before you have your first bite are essential. Even if you don’t post the image immediately, you can save it for a “#tbt wish I was eating this now” post. Winner.


2/Talking of food, dinner with friends comes with a whole new issue…and it’s one you could never voice to them. You genuinely get annoyed if your friend starts eating their food before you’ve had the chance to snap and post “enjoying a lunch date with….”. That’s the perfect content opportunity missed. GRRR.


3/Interior design just got serious, because your rooms are now split in half. Your “IG friendly” side, and your “dump everything I don’t want to be in shot” side.


4/Six lipsticks are no longer enough. You need an entire makeup drawer for them, just so you can post that “lipstick haul” image. It’s totes worth it though.


5/Your phone memory is always full. You never understand why, until you find your 275 selfies for one makeup look. Oops.


6/If there is a photo opportunity available, you take it…you will commit to it…you will almost risk your life for it.


7/Your follower count is higher than your bank balance after the amount you’ve spent on beautiful props.


8/You keep your phone under your pillow and have been known to check your IG in the middle of the night, y’know, just in case you have been regrammed. It’s exciting stuff, ok!


9/WOW… Snap Chat have just released some new filters. This means you need to clear your calendar so you can spend a whole day pretending to be a dog or having a rainbow coming out of your mouth.


10/You know more about the “IG famous” people’s lives you follow, than you do your own friends. You genuinely can’t help but get excited to see where they are jetting off to next! *sigh*


11/You screenshot everything, and think “ah that’s cool” before sharing with your fellow digital darlings who get equally excited at what they have seen.


12/*Scrolls through FB feed* “Oh (insert name) has had a baby” *scrolls through feed* “(insert name) has just bought a new house” *scrolls through feed* “OMG (insert brand) HAS JUST LAUNCHED A NEW PRODUCT! I need to find out everything about this IMMEDIATELY!!”


Ahhhhh, it’s ok Benebabes… we know how you feel 😉


Love and lipstick,


The Digital Darlings xx


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