Here comes the Benebride. The Couture Look.

We know that every bride wants to look her best on her big day! So, that is why we have pulled in the help of our Assistant Makeup and Trend Artist, Lauren Hogsden, to give us some tutorials! In our last post, it was all about the natural look, so this time we are learning something completely different…The couture look!  Over to you Lauren…

So ladies, it’s time to make the aisle your red carpet with bold red lips and a feline flick! Guaranteed to make heads turn! And here’s how to achieve this stunning look.


Final look


Step 1

Apply The POREfessional lightly and evenly all over your face!

Top tip: Work from the centre of your face outwards as this is where you will wear the most product!


Step 1- Apply POREfessional all over the face

Step 2

Apply hello flawless oxygen WOW foundation. Work from the centre of the face out, to ensure you get maximum coverage to the T-Zone and no product build up at the hairline.

Top tip: You’ll be photographed from all angles, so don’t forget those ears!

Step 2- Apply hello flawless oxygen wow


Step 3

Time to prime those eyes! stay don’t stray is great for this, as not only will it lock down your eyeshadow, but will also conceal any redness! Double winner! Simply dot the product 360 degrees around the eye and blend with a concealer brush.

Step 3- Apply stay don't stray


Step 4

In need of some extra coverage? Apply boi-ing with a concealer brush to any blemishes or areas of redness.

Step 5

This look requires a strong and structured brow! Brow-zings is the perfect product to wow those brows for this look, as you can get a really defined finish! 

Top tip: Head to a Benefit counter prior to your big day and they will teach you how to map your brows!

Step 5- Browzing on brows

Step 6

Apply call my bluff eyeshadow along the eyelid. Simply fill both sides of a fluff brush with product, tap off the excess and starting from the lash line, blend all over the eye lid.

Top tip: Use circular motions when blending for a seamless finish!

Step 6- call my bluff eye shadow

Step 7

Guess what…hoola isn’t just for the cheeks, as it makes a great eye contour! Using an eye shadow brush, simply sweep along the eye socket and blend!

Step 7-Apply hoola on eye shadow brushStep 8- Sweep hoola across the socket of the eye


Step 8

Time to wing it! Using they’re real! push up liner in black, draw a fine line running from the end of the lash line in an upwards angle towards the end of the brow. Then, trace along the lashes to meet with your flick. But remember Benebabes, keep it light! It’s easier to make the line thicker than take product away!

Top tip: Sharpen up your wing by running across the bottom of the line with concealer, using a flat brush!

Step 9- Apply theyre real push up liner

Step 10- Cut in with concealer


Step 9

It’s mascara time, and of course this look is all about drama, so there’s no other mascara than they’re real! for the job! Position the wand horizontally and wiggle the brush from side to side, base to tip. This will achieve amazing lift and lash volume! Now turn your wand vertical, and stroke upwards to separate the lashes and catch all of those tiny lashes you never knew you had!

Step 10- Apply theyre real mascara


Step 10

Time to go back to the face! Apply hoola in a figure of three on the side of your face to create a light contour.

Top tip: keep it light for naturally flawless looking skin!


Step 11- Apply hoola in a figure of 3


Step 11

Blush time! Sweep a blusher brush across  dallas and tap off any excess. Now, brush the product lightly on to the apples of the cheeks in an outward motion towards the hairline. 

Step 12- Apply dallas on cheeks


Step 12

Listen up, Benebrides because this is where the magic REALLY happens! It’s time to create a bold and super long lasting red lip. Apply a layer of benetint onto the lips, allow to rest for a minute and add another later.

Top tip: Want a more intense colour, add more layers!


Step 10 Add Benetint


Step 13

Add a layer of benebalm to hydrate the lips and create a truly kissable finish!

Top tip: Apply benebalm with a lip brush for a precise finish.

Step 11 Add Benebalm


Step 14

Finish the look with a dusting of hello flawless powder on any areas you get a bit of shine!

Step 15- Finish with a dusting of powder

Got any questions? Reach out on social using #learnwithlauren to @lauren_benefit.

Love & Lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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