Size doesn’t matter… Life’s little correctors, BIG results!

Can you keep a secret Benebabes? We have bags. Big ones. No they are not designer </3 they are under our eyes! Now, we can’t be the only ones with this problem, so if like me you struggle with those complexion imperfections, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Life's little correctors


Boi-ing back in to action with erase the paste!

We know there have been some C R A Z Y make up trends in the past, but sadly guys, we can confirm that discoloured eyes will not be making an appearance on your bucket list of ‘things to try this year’. But don’t panic beautiful! Life’s little correctors are here to take you from drab to fab in a flash! Remove all evidence of the late nights and early mornings with erase the paste and boi-ing! Apply erase the paste to brighten eyes and camouflage redness, use boi-ing 1 to conceal and create a natural and even looking finish, and boi-ing  2 to cover and correct blemishes! Hot to trot? CHECK!




Our little secret…

Had one too many mojitos last night girls? We’ve all been there… the morning shame you feel as you can still taste the tequila in your mouth as you walk in to work trying to hide the dark circles under your eyes (oopsies!). Safe to say we’ve all had finer moments! But fear not babes, lemon aid is here to hide the hangover! Who said you can’t work hard and play hard? The creamy yellow eyelid primer will brighten up your look all day every day! The easy to blend primer will cover up any redness and discolouration (and regret lol!)




Hey bright eyes!

Have you not heard? Beauty sleep is sooo last year! Eye bright is our new bffl, perking up your look in a single stroke, giving you that wide awake look that can only be achieved by the eight hour fairy tale (until now! 😛 ). Simply apply to the inner and outer corner of your eyes for a fabulous and fresh finishing touch… you can thank us later Benebabes!


eye bright


Stop trying to make bags happen! IT’S.NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN.

Stay cool, calm and corrected with Life’s little correcters, hide all of your imperfections with the colour correcting palette! Don’t worry gorgeous, your secret is safe with us 😉

p.s- does not work on ex boyfriends!

Love and lipstick


The Digital darlings xx




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