Those new years resolutions we have all Benebroken

Happy half year Gorgeous! Wow, July already?! Time flies when you’re having fun, and when you’re a full time benebabe, time surely does fly! We’re having a cheeky throwback here at Benetowers and casting our minds back to the beginning of the year, reminiscing on all of those New Year’s resolutions we promised we’d keep. All those resolutions that gave us hope for the year ahead. All those vows that promised this year would be OUR year! Well Benebabes. We have a confession. We have broken all of our new year’s resolutions (cry face emoji). But we can’t be the only ones…right?! C’mon gorgeous, raise your brows in shame if you have too failed to stick to the promises your naïve self made way back in January.Where did it all go wrong?! You would think that we’d have learnt our lesson by now, but nope! Every year we make resolutions that we know (deep, deep, deep in our hearts) we will not stick to. SO, here they are. The top ten New Year’s resolutions that us Benebabes epically failed to fulfil and why New Year’s resolutions are totes impossible to stick to… drum roll please!

Happy new year!

  1. ‘Do more exercise’ Now we all know how this fairy-tale ends don’t we guys? We just can’t bring ourselves to wear our pretty pink gym trainers out the house! They could get ruined!
  2. ‘Stop biting my nails’. Now I’ll keep this one short (like my freshly bitten nails) Hallelujah for acrylics!
  3. ‘Watch less TV’. Two hours, two series- what’s the difference? Anyway how are we meant to turn off the TV when there is a cliff-hanger in Gossip Girl?! Soooooo not gonna happen! #soznotsoz
  4. ‘Stop spending money on things I don’t need!’ I’m sorry but if it’s 3 for 2 we are practically earning money back! And anyway, a girl can NEVER have too many lipsticks! 😉
  5. ‘Spend more time with my family’- Shopping is family, right?
  6. ‘Get rid of all my old clothes’ This idea is always a sinking ship from the word go! We just can’t bring ourselves to part with that jumper we L O V E D three years ago but haven’t worn in two. And besides, what if sequin leggings become fashionable?! #OOTD
  7. ‘Try new food’. We all fear change, it’s natural! But let’s face it, the thought of choosing Quinoa over pizza breaks our hearts </3 But we haven’t completely failed at this one Benebabes!! We’ve started trying different flavoured mojitos… LOL
  8. ‘Take more photos’ NO!.SELFIES DO NOT COUNT.
  9. ‘Keep a diary’ This idea always sounds so fun, but then the reality that we are not A list celebs with a glamorous schedule kicks in by January 3rd and our fresh new diary gets put away for another year.
  10. And last but certainly by no means least, ‘find love’. HELLOO how are we meant to find our soulmates when the brow revolution is happening?! #yearofthebrow If you did find love benebabes, congrats! And if you didn’t… have you met cheekathon? So gorgeous, and such a character! Deffo the one for you chick 😉

And breathe!

year of the brow


Oh well! There is always next year! 😉

But all we can do is smile and laugh, after all laughter is the best cosmetic!

Did any of our Benebabes stick to their new year’s resolutions?! Tweet us! We want to hear all about the new you gorgeous!

Love and Lipstick

The Digital Darlings xxYear of the brow

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