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The Get The Gloss team puts Benefit Cosmetics to the test

We all love Benefit makeup, but when the busy members of digital beauty and wellness title, Get The Gloss, put their favourite products through the paces of a normal working day, did they stand up to the challenge?Get The Gloss logo

Susannah Taylor

Editor-in-Chief / Benefit Junkie


My week is the ultimate test for any makeup item. I leave home early and get home late commuting in from Oxfordshire to London, I exercise quite a lot (which can involve quite a lot of sweating) and I have two kids to juggle. It’s important for me to find makeup that stays put all day but doesn’t need applying with a trowel – I’m a big fan of the ‘no makeup makeup look’.

So how did the Benefit makeup fare? In all honesty very well indeed. I have long been a super fan of benetint which, if you don’t know it, is a crimson coloured liquid or stain that you rub into cheeks or lips. I started the day by putting they’re real mascara and gimme brow through their paces during a boxing class. After many rounds of exhausting boxing, rope pulling and ab exercises there was not a brow hair or an under eye smudge out of place. Plus, my cheeks and lips looked as vibrant as the minute I’d walked in.


I have also put the they’re real big sexy eye kit to the test. This is a set of three different natural eye shadow shades – each with a highlighter, so you can choose to either use on their own or top up with the shimmer included. I wore this over a number of days, from car ride, train ride and tube ride, to many downward dogs at a lunchtime Power Yoga class and various meetings, as well as a snooze against my scarf on the train home.

Believe it or not, the eyeshadow was still visible and uncreased at the end of the day. The bo-ing concealer (I used light/medium) also definitely helped disguise a recent outbreak of nasty spots (I only had to top it up once) and on another day, a case of a bad night’s sleep.


But for me, the hero product to withstand my week has to be the they’re real! mascara, which never smudged or budged throughout. For real.


Sarah McGuinnis

Art Editor / Benefit Newbie


Let me confess – I’m actually a Benefit virgin. A big shock to all my friends who literally live brow to lip in the stuff, so I am going in blind and putting a range of products to the test for a week. I have a full on week, commuting for a couple of hours each morning and evening, sandwiched around long days in front of a computer in an office that goes from arctic to desert temperatures a good few times a day, usually finishing up with an exercise class or a few drinks with friends before jumping on the train again. I never wear a lot of makeup and what I’m ultimately looking for is makeup that is natural looking and that isn’t going to cake.

6.45am. It’s too early and I am too tired to make myself up, so I take my Bene-haul on the train with me. I open the, how to look the best at everything kit in light. This beauty includes a POREfessional primer, a small pot of hello flawless! oxygen wow foundation, a bo-ing concealer duo and a hello flawless! powder. It also has a mirror, thank goodness because I am always losing my compacts. The POREfessional primer is awesome. It really minimises the appearance of pores and leaves a matte finish that isn’t greasy at all, which makes the makeup application a lot smoother. I was a little nervous about the foundation as I don’t like wearing foundation – it always feels heavy, but the hello flawless oxygen WOW! foundation has an extremely lightweight texture –  great for those who need good coverage without the oily feel of a heavy foundation. The boi-ing concealer duo is also great for my early morning fatigue face with two shades that can be blended together depending on your colouring, which miraculously wiped away my dark circles. I loved the hello flawless! powder – I used this on days when I did not wear foundation for a more natural and sheer finish. Overall this kit is perfect for creating a flawless base.

My base done, I added a touch of posietint lip and cheek stain with the hoola bronzer. Posietint is great for those who just want a slight hint of colour to the cheeks. I was a little worried about the bright pink colour, but once blended, it is incredibly sheer and brightens cheeks for a healthy glow. Paired with the cult hoola bronzer, this really brought my complexion to life. These two both swiftly moved into my everyday makeup bag.


Finally, I added 3D brow tones to my eyebrows: a subtle tinted brow groomer – perfect if you are fair like me, and as I got more confident with my brows, I then paired this with the goof proof brow pencil which allows you to build up the colour slowly. I’m beginning to see what all the fuss is about – brows certainly make all the difference!


So with my new look, how did it fare for two of my fave intense workouts? The brows stayed exceptionally well, and by the end of a sweaty HIIT session I still looked relatively ok. My Bene-haul was also great for post workout drinks. Once I got home I washed everything off with the foamingly clean facial wash which was heaven after a hot yoga class. It has a very clean and fresh scent and was instantly hydrating and refreshing. I’ve mainly been using it in the evenings after workouts or commuting and I feel it cleans away the day’s grime, leaving my face calm and refreshed. Using this product makes me feel that Benefit’s skincare is underrated.

As the week went on my routine became: porefessional primer, swipe of powder, concealer on the angrier blemishes, hoola bronzer, posie tint and a little 3D brow tones. My ultimate hero product of the week?! Two actually. Hoola bronzer and the goof proof brow pencil. They both pretty much last all day and are great for on the go top-ups. Oh! And posietint: fun, glowy and not over the top!

I am officially not a Benefit virgin any more.

Victoria Woodhall

Deputy Editor / Benefit Convert


I have long given up trying to do my makeup before work on a weekday, as it’s always a huge rush getting the kids’ kit and lunchboxes organised and out of the door as well as myself – my eyeliner ends up wobbly and my blusher unblended, and by the time I have walked or cycled from home to school and to work, it’s pretty much all gone a bit Halloween (I have the kind of eyes that stream at the merest hint of ‘weather’).

The one thing that for me is non-negotiable however, is a moisturising foundation with SPF, so I was happy to put Benefit’s hello flawless! oxygen wow foundation with SPF25 to the test. It went on almost like a serum and was very moisturising with surprisingly good coverage, which meant there was no need for me to use concealer. In fact, it was better coverage than I have been used to, so next I applied my rockitude kit – a really cute box containing miniatures of benetint lip and cheek tint, high beam liquid highlighter and my favourite two Benefit products: the rockateur rose gold blusher – and a tube of Rockateur lip gloss. This kit was a fantastic way of being able to quickly add a swish of cheek and lip colour and avoid frightening small children in the playground with my ‘base face’ until I got to the office.


I am pleased to report that hello flawless! survived the 25-minute bike ride without slipping (as did the rockateur), so I only had to top up around the eyes and nose with the fake up crease control concealer stick (another lovely hydrating product). Once I’d added a line of they’re real eyeliner (renowned for its staying power) plus mascara, I was set for the day.

Throughout my week of Benefit, the one thing that stood out for me was its staying power without it looking too ‘done’. It stayed put throughout my group personal training session with the school mums in the park. And when I had to nip out of the office on the bike to an event during the day, the eye liner didn’t budge or irritate my eyes when they began to water.


On Saturday (a day trip with the children to the Royal Albert Hall) I had a bit more time to do my brows, so rather than my usual swipe of gimme brow, I used the brow zings kit: a neat mirrored compact with mini tweezers, a dark brown wax – applied with an angled shaping angled brush, and a setting powder in the same shade to give fullness, all of which added a bit of ‘wattage’ as I know I would be staying for a concert in the evening. Putting the benetint under the rockateur lip gloss gave more of an evening glam to my lip colour.


After my week of Benefit, I have discovered I’m definitely a kit fan. Having a curated box of products in my handbag means I don’t have to scramble to remember which pocket I put what in and whether they all go together. Plus, the appeal of a cute miniature never loses its charm.

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