Meet the Judges! #agoodpair

In case you have missed it (where have you been!?), we currently have an amazing competition running across our social media channels, where we are looking for the next faces of our NEW they’re real! double the lip campaign! Our three AMAZING judges will be picking the final winner, so we thought it’s about time you got to know them a little better.

Lisa Potter-Dixon

Lisa is our Head Makeup & Trend Artist here at Benefit Cosmetics and is deemed one of the top UK makeup artists, regularly being requested for photo shoots and to comment within beauty pages of glossy magazines and various press articles. During her time at Benefit, Lisa has had the opportunity to create cat walk makeup looks with some of the world’s leading fashion designers at high profile events such as London Fashion Week! Lisa is not only the Benefit makeup guru, but is also an expert on brow shaping and tinting and her regular clients include celebrities and top journalists  from the UK.

Really Ree

Anne Marie Lodge, ‘Ree’ started her blog, in 2010. She had a passion for all things beauty and wanted to share it with as many people as possible and a blog seemed the ideal way of doing it. She was thrilled and surprised when she initially started to get her first few readers to the blog; now those few readers have grown in to half a million readers a month and Ree’s blog has become the biggest beauty blog in the UK and one of the most trafficked in the world. Ree called the site ReallyRee because she felt she wanted to ‘keep it real’ for her readers and always write about beauty in an honest and accessible way for ordinary people like her who just wanted to look their very best.


Girl Talk with Laura

Laura is a born and bred Geordie, who is a self confessed selfie addict! She’s a photographer, living in fashion and breathing beauty. She gently forces her shopping addiction onto others as a hobby when writing her, blog Girl Talk with Laura , and works as a visual merchandiser by day! Laura knows first hand what it’s like to be the face of a Benefit campaign, as she was the face of Hoola, back in 2014 and again in 2016.


Want to find out how YOU could be the face of our campaign? Find out all the details here:


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