Brow Spotlight: Goof proof eyebrow pencil

Always getting brow envy?! Well you have come to the right place gorgeous! Brow spotlight is where you can find out how to use our brow range for those perfect #BenefitBrows! We are totally in LOVE with goof proof eyebrow pencil for a natural brow style that’s super quick and easy!


Goof proof is a super easy eyebrow pencil perfect for quick everyday brows! The pencil has a slanted tip giving a wider base and narrow tip which is perfect for quick and easy filling and definition, with a spoolie-brush on the opposite end for blending in to create a natural brow style! Any Benebabe can get on fleek brows with this beauty!




Full and natural looking brows magically appear thanks to goof proof’s glide-on formula! Simply glide the wide end of the pencil using small strokes which instantly creates the shape for you! Fill your brows building coverage and colour with each swipe. To add definition, use the narrow tip to fill in the tail of the brow… What’s even better about this brow essential is there is no need for a sharpener! Simply twist up, perfect for gals on the go!


Finally blend with the spoolie-brush on the opposite end for a natural finish! Presto… perfect natural brows as quick and easy as that!



No goofing around… Everyone’s an expert with this super easy brow pencil! A must have in every Benebabe’s makeup bag.


Love and lipstick,


The Digital Darlings xx



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