Stay balanced this Easter with DOSE

We are definitely guilty of over indulging at Easter… We mean eating 10 Easter eggs in one sitting is totally okay right!? *face palms* Our friends at DOSE (whateveryourdose.comare doing a guest blog to let you know their top tips for keeping healthy this Easter holiday, whist still enjoying yourself! Over to you DOSE.


You may be over the days of gorging on 13 Easter eggs in one sitting (how many the average child will get through this weekend), but you’ll no doubt be topping up your glass with something equally sweet.


Don’t be tempted to go into binge mode. Learn the art of balance with daily workouts, wholesome food and a more mindful tipple, with a dose of pampering in-between…




Whatever you do. Just move. We get it, you’re going to indulge a bit this Easter, but off-set some of the damage by getting that circulation going. And no an egg hunt doesn’t count.


If you’re visiting family in the countryside, pack your trainers and escape for a morning run to set you on track. Working out in the morning will instill some discipline so you’re less likely to gorge. You’ll also be buzzing off so many endorphins that you won’t care for the extra sugar rush. If you’re staying in London, buddy up and try a workout at these trendy new studios; Sweat by BXR, Chroma Yoga, BarreCore or Kobox.


As for make-up, go natural. Increased blood flow to the skin will give you an all natural bright complexion. Plus sweat is comprised of mostly water, salts and proteins – a great natural exfoliator to help remove impurities from our pores. But urban dwelling can alter the PH in your skin, creating an environment for bacteria to grow. For this reason, is it important to cleanse before and after exercise, removing makeup and impurities. Also, always wear sunscreen if you will be training outside. We can dream…


For a confidence boost, swipe those brows with a goof proof eyebrow pencil and gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel. You’ll look like you mean business in the gym. For eye-bags that won’t go away, you can’t go wrong with a dab of boi-ing concealer. Or if it’s a mount vesuvius situation, go for erase paste – no one will ever know.






Now for some pre and post-workout fuel. If you want to get creative in the kitchen… try some recipes from Pip & Nut: The Nut Butter Cookbook. Nut butter is a great high-protein option for those looking to avoid both dairy and palm oil (which could be carcinogenic – hence why many supermarkets are dropping Nutella from their shelves – sad times). Their book covers everything from breakfast and bakes, to savoury dishes and smoothies.



Mindful Chef the healthy recipe box service have also recently launched a cookbook. This is perfect for the culinary challenged, as all their meals can be made in 30 minutes and have a maximum of 10 ingredients. All recipes are gluten-free and contain no refined carbs or sugars – from breakfast through to dinner – with some guilt-free snacks in between.




Enjoy your bubbles with a lot less sugar with Skinny Champagne. Or swap your G&T for Vermouth – a botanical wine that can’t have an ABV over 21.9% so is substantially less alcoholic than Gin (typically between 37-42% ABV) meaning you can sip more, with less guilt!



Fancy some quinoa with your vodka? Try FAIR Quinoi vodka made of organic quinoa seeds from 1200 small independent producers. These are grown at 3000m high on an altiplano plateau in Belize giving the vodka an unusually delicate and pure character. They also do an Açaí Liqueur, which are full of anti-oxidants, fibre and heart-healthy fats (just add a splash of sparkling wine for a tasty tipple).


But remember, Alcohol is a diuretic, which causes dehydration and leaves our skin looking tired and dull so pack in the H20!


Or for Gin with beautifying benefits try CollaGin. Yes it’s really a thing…



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