Brow Spotlight: Ka-Brow

Dreaming of on fleek brows? Love that bold brow style? You’re in the right place gorgeous! This week’s brow spotlight is all about Ka-Brow!! A must for every Benebabe’s makeup kit. Perfect for a bold and defined look!



Ka-Brow is a coloured cream-gel, available in 6 different shades… Perfect for all Beneababes! It’s our all-time fave for bigger and bolder brows! Super easy to brush on rich and buildable colour, Ka-Brow effortlessly fills, sculpts and defines your brows. AND… comes with a built-in hard-angled brush for precise control when styling your brows! What’s not to love?!



Ready for some brow magic? Simply remove the lid and pull out the built-in brush. Flip the brush over and pop back into the cap… and just like magic a full-size brush for precision and control.

Glide the brush across the cream-gel, but remember gorgeous, a little goes a long way with this beauty. Stroke from start to arch then from arch to end for a natural brow! For a bigger and bolder look, simply re-dip and build the colour!



So easy to use any Benebabe can get the perfect #Benefitbrows!

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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