NEW TREND ALERT! Get the boy brow style!

Ever stolen your boyfriends T-shirt? Well now it’s time to steal his brow! That’s right, the boyfriend brow is the eyebrow trend of the moment… And we are totally LOVING it! If you are too, then you are in the right place, gorgeous! Our head makeup artist and brow expert Lisa Potter-Dixon explains how to achieve the boy brow look in 4 simple steps…



1 – Start by using the ultra fine eyebrow pencil, precisely my brow pencil. Draw a line under the arch going from the front of the brow to the end. This will give you a straight, masculine shape.



2 – Next draw hair like strokes through the brow to create texture. Don’t draw the lines to closely together as seeing the strokes is key.


3 – Next take gimme brow our micro fibre gel, which works a dream as this mimics the appearance of real hair adding instant volume. Brush away from the hair first and then back with the hair.



4 – To finish, take the brow setting gel and brush up the front section of the eyebrow for that cool, feathered finish.




There you have it gorgeous! Why not give it a go? Don’t forget to tag us in your boy brow selfies using the hashtag #benefitbrows on Instagram.


If boyfriend brows aren’t for you gorgeous, fear not! Check out how to create a natural brow style at:


Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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