Lash Loveliness – The Bene Edit by Amy-Lou

C’mon Benebabes! We have all been there. (Yes even me, a Make-up Artist for over fifteen years.) We are on a night out and we are just about to throw some shapes on the dance floor and disaster strikes! The lashes you have spent an hour (or more) perfecting ‘Pings’ at the corner. This sends you into a panic, running to the nearest mirror, trying to secure them! OR maybe the lashes never even made it out as part of your makeup look? You got so frustrated with the fact they would not stick or fit, you pulled them off and went solo.


If you can relate to any of the above then I am here as your Lash fluttery godmother, so together we can make some lash magic…



I am so excited to share that benefit has launched a stunning new collection of False Lashes. Whether it is Strip or solo lashes, there is a style for you!

Oh and did I mention the new Real False Lashes Invisible Lash Glue? It is latex-free and super secure! A must for any Lash Lover!



If you are thinking, I love them all! How do I choose? You can visit a Benefit BrowBar Beauty Lounge or Benefit Boutique and actually hold up one of the lashes to see which would suit you. I know, we think of everything!



If you are feeling brave and are going to apply at Home, then lets cheer ‘strip strip hooray’ and follow this quick 2 minute guide…


  • Hold lash strip up to eye to check fit and trim from the outside of the lash. Do this in stages!
  • Curl your lashes before, I love Roller Lash for this step! The Curl will support the False Lashes.
  • Everything is Better with curves! Wrap lash band around finger to curve & shape… the more curved the band, the easier the application!
  • Lash but not least, apply a thin layer of glue along base and wait 20-30 seconds or until tacky.
  • Stability and Angle – Ensure your elbows are resting on a table and place your mirror flat in front of you. (You will thank me later!)
  • Position along natural lash line & press down firmly.
  • Line those Lashes- To hide the lash band, or for a glamorous finish, Use your They’re Real Push-up liner to create a thin line.
  • Keep them safe! Peel gently off  as you can reuse again and again!


Or if you want a pro application? Visit a Benefit BrowBar Beauty Lounge or Benefit Boutique.


Love and lipstick,

Amy-Lou xx

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