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Channel Mum X Benefit

We’ve got two honorary Benebabes to introduce you to! Vloggers Katie from Mummy Daddy Me and Lucy from Dear Beautiful got to visit Benetowers to meet Lisa Potter-Dixon and the team and to star in a fun new “wake up to make-up” video course for the girls over at Read more to find out more about Katie and Lucy amazing day out and their fave Benefit goodies!





I had so much fun going behind the scenes at Benefit HQ. Firstly the girls are all absolutely lovely and we had such a fun day, and secondly the office is amazing. We got to have a sneak behind the scenes tour (and lots of selfie opportunities) and it was probably one of the coolest offices I have ever been. It was so much filming the Channel Mum videos, plus since going to HQ I have completely transformed my face and my brows – I have so much to thank Lisa PD for!


My Top Three Benefit products are-


  1. Hoola. Without a doubt No 1 has to be Hoola. I have been using it ever since I was about 16 and I have yet to find a bronzer that even comes close. I love it and for that reason it will always be the ultimate staple in my make up bag.
  2. Precisely, My Brow Pencil. When we had our day at Benefit HQ Lisa told me how to sort out my seriously over plucked brows (I plucked from the top as a teen horror of horrors). Since then I have had so many people comment on how my brows look fuller and thicker and it is all down toBenefit’s Brow Products. I love how easy it is to transform them with the Precisely my brow pencil.
  3. Gimme Brow. Likewise a staple to my makeup bag nowadays is Gimme Brow. It is a great way of adding fullness and definition to my otherwise very thin brows.




Getting to work on the make up videos with Benefit and Channel Mum was literally a bit of a dream day for me. My husband calls me a “make up junkie” and I really do buy a ridiculous amount of products to make me look younger or more flawless or just because the packing is pretty… it’s a real addiction I tell you! So spending a day talking make up with Lisa Potter-Dixon was so so SO exciting. Not least because some of my favourite products are actually from Benefit.


One of my absolute faves has to be the infamous Hoola; the perfect bronzer, contour and (as I now have learnt from Lisa) eye shadow in one. Although now I’ve discovered that Hoola Lite is a thing, I’m lusting over that for the wintery months when I need a slightly lighter sunkissing. On the filming day I was introduced to the gorgeous Galifornia blusher, which I have worn every day since; I find that lots of blushers look a bit too pink and “little girly” on my skin, but the coral tone of Galifornia is lovely – and it smells absolutely divine. And a final mention has to go to Sunbeam, which is such a gorgeous highlighter with lovely golden shade; it gives me that much needed boost when my tired mummy skin is a bit lacklustre.


To check out the Benefit and Channel Mum video course starring Katie, Lucy and our very own Lisa Potter-Dixon take a look here:



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