But first, Red Lipstick… – The Bene Edit by Amy-Lou

Gwenth Paltrow has been famously quoted with her belief that “Beauty to me is being comfortable in your own skin that or a Kick-Ass red lipstick” so let’s be more Gwen. Let’s turn our Jumper and Jeans day into one that’s got that oozes glamour.


Did you know: Studies have shown your self confidence grows by 26% by wearing lipstick? Let’s do this!


With Autumn turning the leaves into shades of red, oranges and brown and the faint sound of sleigh bells ringing just around the corner it’s time to get Red Lip ready!


Before we start though, let’s refresh our memories on where it all started…


The red lip can be traced back to 3000BC starting with the Romans and then The Egyptians.


The look then disappeared for centuries until Elizabeth the 1st revived the red lip.


Did you know: Parliament passed a law stating that Made-up women were Witches who would attempt to lure men into marriage? (Say What?!)


It was the big screen where the red lip became a screen stars staple beauty product. It would add definition in Black and White films.


This then saw the Red Lip becoming mainstream and notably through the decades a signature look to beauty goddesses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.  More recently Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have all adopted the classic rouge as their signature look. It is powerful and here to stay Benebabes!


Enough of the schooling, let’s get down to my top tips for pout perfection…


1) Prep your pout- This step is crucial to smooth, sexy lips. Dry, chapped lips will not do darlings! Do this step at night, use a damp toothbrush and gently exfoliate, follow with my most favourite lip treat Posiebalm. It is full of Mango Butter and is a neutral pink shade. This makes it wearable under any lipstick. I would suggest to do this as part of your night time ritual.


2) Prime your Pout- it is crucial for your lipstick to have a base. I love Boiing Industrial Strength for this. Use a shade that matches your ski tone perfectly. Pat over your lips until lips are opaque. Then your ready to add colour.


3) Red Red Lips- I LOVE they’re real Red on lipstick. It’s so retro! It’s not a stick, it’s in a compact! Innovation at its finest. It’s all the things you want RED, HOT and MATTE! (Yes,I hear you say!) it’s a universal shade suitable for EVERYONE! Forget the science of Yellow or Blue undertones…that’s all too confusing! Keep it simple sweetie, it’s not rocket science! All you need to know is this sexy shade with take you from So-so to Oh-so sexy in a sweep. The custom tapered brush will deliver a precise application. Apply to the top lip first, outlining and filing in, repeat on the bottom lip.



Did you know- Marilyn Monroe would bolt and reapply a minimum of five times to create her signature pout. If you have the time embrace your inner Marilyn..


4) Pout Popping- Take your Boiing concealer as used in step 2. With a concealer brush line around the lip line. This will create a crisp ultra neat finish.


To finish take a look in your mirror and remember if at first you don’t succeed…apply more lipstick!


Glitter and Glow,

Amy-Louise X






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