And We Have Lash Lift Off… – The BeneEdit by Amy-Lou

Major Volume has landed on Earth in the form of BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara It is going to give you 36 hours of non-stop volume with a little help of Aero Particles, The lightest material on earth! So light they use it in Space Technology. It quite literally is #OUTOFTHISWORLD!

I have had this mascara for 3 months now and I have finally found my perfect match! Finding the right mascara is like finding the perfect fit in jeans… (We search endlessly for this…) The very first time I applied BADgal BANG! to my lashes I was like No Way! I couldn’t believe the Volume! I like my mascara to be dramatic and ultra black and BADgal BANG! did not disappoint.

We must not forget They’re Real! and Roller Lash and you’re probably thinking, we have the two best-selling premium mascara’s? Why do we need another? Well it comes down to one word and that is VOLUME!

Let’s look at what makes our Mascara’s legendary.


I am Team BADgal BANG! Choosing a mascara is a personal choice. My lashes are coarse and straight just like my hair. I need a mascara to give me ‘Lash Lift Off’ but the formula needs to be lightweight because otherwise my lashes are just going to rebel. Check out the before and after… I have never seen my lashes look like this… I have worn false lashes for years, I can say that I have only worn strip lashes twice since being given BADgal BANG! This is my Mascara Memoir; it’s time to write yours! Whichever you choose set your lashes to stun.



Love and Lavish Lashes,

Amy-Louise x


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