Happy New Year, Benebabes! Who else feels like Christmas was a lifetime ago? Well the weather may be pretty frightful outside as we kick off 2016, but have no fear… with the help of our iconic hoola bronzer, there’s no need to hibernate…you can bronze and glow all day long! Here, our Assistant Makeup and Trend Artist, Lauren Hogsden shows us how to achieve the perfect contour using hoola. Over to you Lauren:

“Want to look beautifully bronzed all year round!?  No problem! hoola is a natural looking, finally milled, matte bronzing powder which subtly warms and enhances your skin tone, ensuring you achieve a natural looking sun-kissed finish. 
hoola bronzer is perfect for contouring!

Step 1: Swipe on the product

Lightly sweep the soft natural-bristle brush across the bronzer and tap off any excess into the powder box. 

Top Tip: It’s better to build up to your desired warmth, than have a heavy application at first. This is because you may find it difficult to take down your bronzer, without altering your foundation coverage. 

Step 2: Apply to your forehead

Sweep hoola across your forehead and up into the hairline. 

Top Tip: Layering bronzer around the boarder of your hairline will help to make your forehead appear smaller. However, it’s important to keep the build up of bronzer looking natural.



Step 3: Lightly brush your cheekbones

Lightly brush under the apples of your cheeks in an outward motion to the top of your ears in toward the hairline (you can repeat this a few times for an added contoured intensity). This will sculpt out the cheekbones, giving a beautiful three-dimension to your facial structure. 


Step 4: Apply to the jawline

Sweep hoola under your jawline. This will help to chisel out the jaw. 

Top Tip: think of steps (2,3 & 4 above) as though you’re applying hoola bronzer in a figure of three. Starting with the forehead, sweeping under the cheekbones, then under the jawline. 



Step 5: Contour the nose

I love to also sweep hoola down the sides of my nose in order to slim the nose! 



Have a beauty dilemma? Feel free to reach out on Instagram @lauren_hogsden #learnwithlauren.”

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darling xx