A smokey eye is a timeless, classic makeup staple, worn and loved by celebrities and influencers alike. So why are so many people scared of a smokey eye? And more importantly, how do you create an easy but dramatic look that would be at home on a red carpet? Well you’re in luck because at Benetowers we’ve put together a fool-proof guide for acing a smokey eye without looking like a panda!


Step 1: Prime Your Eyes

The most important step of any eye look is priming your eye area ready for the shadow. Without this step your eyeshadow is likely to shift throughout the day and the colours will look less vibrant, meaning you have to apply more product. We recommend using the Benefit stay don’t stray eye primer as the “dip & dab” style wand aids easy application and the formula is extremely moisturising.


Step 2: Conceal Your Under Eye

Depending on how bold you were planning on going with your eye look, you may want to save this step for after you’ve finished the shadow on the top lid, however most of the time you can do this step before. The thing that puts most people off a smokey eye is that they think it makes their under eyes look too dark and tired, but if you conceal properly then this isn’t an issue. The BRAND NEW, full coverage, Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer is perfect for covering up dark circles and imperfections without looking or feeling cakey. You then want to set that concealer with a loose powder. Use a fluffy brush or beauty sponge to pat on the dr feel good silky mattifying powder to set the concealer, but to also create a barrier between your concealer and any fallout from the eyeshadow.




Step 3: Eyeshadow Shade Selection

A common misconception with smokey eye looks is that you must use really dark colours, which isn’t the case at all! You can still create a smokey eye with more subtle shades. If you’re a bit scared of going straight in with the blacks and greys then why not opt for coppers and oranges, or forest greens and plums. Start off light and work your way up to the darker, bolder colours. We recommend using the Benefit big beautiful eyes palette as it contains a range of matte, shimmer and satin finishes, but it also has a great range of natural and darker shades. Perfect if you’re an eyeshadow novice!




Step 4: Eyeshadow Application

Our top Benefit tip for creating a great smokey eye is to start off light and build up the intensity because, as we’re sure you already know, it’s easy to add more but a lot harder to take away. Start off with a soft, neutral shade and apply it across the entire lid, making sure you’re blending out at the edges. Then, using a clean brush, choose a darker shade and apply to the crease of your eye. Move the brush in window wiper like motions and follow the hollow of your eye socket and blend out (of course).  Then you can choose a darker shade to add to the outside of the eye socket which will create definition and depth. It’s up to you how many different shades you add but remember to blend with a clean brush after each new shade! You can either wing out the darker shade for a more dramatic look or keep it neat and rounded.


Step 5: Under Eye Shadow Application

Once you’re happy with the shape and colours on your lids then you can move on to your under-eye area. This is another step that freaks a lot of people out as they think it’ll highlight their dark circles, but it won’t at all! Use the same neutral shade you used on the lids and apply it from the outer part of your eye and drag it along to the middle. You can go all the way to the inner corner if you want, but this can sometimes make your eyes look smaller. Follow the same steps with the darker shades and blend after each colour. Once you’re done you can dust off the loose setting powder from under your eyes.


Step 6: Eyeliner

Want to go a step further? Use the out of this world BADGal BANG! 24 hour eye pencil to intensify your look. Apply to the lash line and use the built in smudger to blend it out, or leave it as a bold solid line. The liner comes in black, brown, blue and purple so finding a shade to match your selected colour palette won’t be a problem!




Step 7: Mascara

A smokey eye look isn’t complete without a dramatic set of lashes! Take your favourite Benefit mascara (we love BADGal BANG! for its insane volumizing properties) and apply liberally to add volume, length and curl to really finish off the look.




And you’re all done! See, it wasn’t that hard was it? We hope we’ve shed some light on the mystery of a smokey eye look. And remember, practice makes perfect!


Love and Lipstick

Laura x