Apart from the best brows ever! Yes there is more… We are THE brow authority and our signature  brow service will leave you booking in for more!


My favourite steps of the Brow experience are:


Brow Mapping – I know I talk about this a lot but there is something so satisfying when you reveal the potential from a brow. To do this accurately we check where your brow should SRART, ARCH and END. This is literally eye opening! Using this signature technique we create the brow that’s perfect for YOU. No hair is removed without your approval.. no surprises!


I mean who doesn’t want that! Brows frame your face and it’s a beauty trend that is going nowhere.


Wax-lyrical – we take skin seriously at Benefit! From the initial wax temperature test, this is crucial! No wax will touch your face until our Brow Expert and you test to ensure it’s comfortable. We prepare the skin around your brow to ensure waxing is pull and pain free. This all means you can squeeze a brow beautification into your lunch break (umm yes please!).


We cool, cover and correct your make up too… Wax? What Wax?


The Technique- Our waxing technique focuses on shape and arch. That’s it! We follow the Brow Mapping from the initial consultation. All our Brow Experts are trained in the same way! That means your brow experience will be the same from Perth to Portsmouth…


Styling- yes yes I will admit I brush my brows more than I brush my hair… So why shouldn’t we style our brows? As the finishing touch to your brows, whether you favour a simply styled or bold and beautiful look our brow collection will solve any brow dilemma and create any brow trend! Will will show you how to keep those arches perfect all month!


Woah! All of this in just 20 minutes?!? What are you waiting for? Let’s start the new season with brows that wow!!



Bronze and Brows,

Amy-Louise xx