We don’t know about you, but we are tired of seeing all these puckered up celebs looking just poutalicious! WHY can’t we just look as fabulous without resembling a child that was let loose with mum’s best lipstick! The wait is over Benebabes,  our assistant Trend and Make-up Artist Lauren Hogsden has it covered with these simple steps to a fuller pout….


Step one


“Place foundation over lips to insure your lips and the area around your lips start with the same base colour, this will really help, especially if your natural lip tone is highly pigmented. It will mean there’s not a contrast of colour when extending your lip line. It also provides the perfect platform to showcase a true reflection of your lip colour.”


A selection of make-up brushes to be used when prepping lips for lining


Step two


Using a brush and a small amount of your chosen lip colour, make a small cross from the centre of the cupid’s bow. This can be used as a guideline to get an even ridge at the cupid’s bow of the lip, skirt around your natural lip line and begin to raise the height of your lip colour across the centre part of your top and bottom lip. Then taper your lip colour into the natural lip line as you come down into the corner of the mouth.


Continue by filling in the bulk of the lips with your chosen of lip colour.


A smaller make-up brush is used to apply the lipstick outline



Step three


“Apply a thin layer of concealer (Stay don’t Stray) around the borderline of your lip. Go for a concealer slightly lighter than your foundation tone as the lighter tone will help to sharpen and lift the lip boarder, giving the illusion of a slightly raised edge to the lip for a more fuller looking finish.”


Concealer is applied to a make-up brush


Simple Steps To Fake Plump Lips


Achieving maximum longevity from your lipstick can be tricky, even more so when using darker tones. Luckily, our Lauren has a top tip for this!


“My tip is to place a piece of tissue over your lips, holding the tissue in place take a shear setting powder (Agent Zero Shine), sweep over the tissue and repeat. Doing this will make sure your lipstick is set and doesn’t move or bleed which is vital when over lining the lips.”


Apply setting powder to lips over a tissue


Finish by patting a little highlighter (watt’s up) through the centre plumper part of the lip and along the cupid’s bow for maximum fullness.


Final stage lips appear plump and full



So there you have it beauties… it’s time to pucker up, and don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

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Love and lipstick,


The Digital Darlings xx