We’ve seen it everywhere… contouring is certainly the “in” thing to do! But don’t worry Benebabes, we know it can seem difficult to know where to start. It’s time to get those chiseled cheekbones out as our Assistant Makeup and Trend Artist, Lauren Hogsden, has given us the simplest contouring tutorial using our latest products launches: dew the hoola and shy beam! Over to you, Lauren…

Contouring has always been a makeup artist’s best kept secret, but guess what ladies, now the word is out there and contouring is a part of most our makeup routines. If you haven’t already tried contouring..where have you been!? Time to get involved! “Why!?” I hear you cry, contouring helps to manipulate your facial structure, enhances your natural, gorgeous features, and can make you glow!


Step 1

Start with a good foundation base. I’ve applied Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, this is an oil-free brightening liquid foundation with an SPF 25+++ protection. It builds for a light to medium coverage, leaving you with an luminous & healthy looking complexion. This foundation is perfect for contouring as the product is not too heavy, so it seamlessly melts into liquid contouring products. 

Step 2 

No shimmer, no shine…shy beam is all about a natural looking highlight which softly lifts the key facial features, pushing them into focus for added dimension. 

Apply a few small dots of product down the slimmest part of your nose. Follow with a few strokes in between the brows and the lowest part of the forehead.  Continue by adding two small upside down triangles below the eyes. This will really brighten up the eye area! Finally, add a few dots just under the brow arch for an instant lift. Now it’s time to blend all the dotted areas with a sponge or beauty blender.

Top tip: When blending your shy beam ensure you pat with the sponge. This will maintain the colour pigment without changing the shape of the product pattern. 

contouring with shy beam

Contouring with shy beam


Step 3 

Now it’s time to add dew the hoola. That’s right ladies…liquid Hoola! This product blends beautifully across the skin, with a sheer soft-matte finish that looks oh so natural! Simply pump dew the hoola onto your fingertip and apply small dots in a figure of three to the sides of your face: starting with the forehead, close to the hairline, under the cheekbones and then under the jawline. 

Now it time to blend, blend, blend! The lightweight texture melts so seamlessly it’s a dream to work with! I’m blending using the new hoola contouring brush!

Top tip: Building dew the hoola around the boarder of your hairline will help to make your forehead appear smaller. You can also run the product both side of the your nose for a slimming effect! However, it’s of course important to keep it looking natural!


Contouring with dew the hoola Contouring with dew the hoola! Contouring with dew the hoola


Step 4 

To add more depth and definition to your cheekbones apply hoola, our matte bronzing powder! Brush the product lightly under the apples of your cheeks in an outward motion to the top of your ears and in towards the hairline.  This will sculpt out the cheekbones giving a beautiful natural lift to your facial structure.

Top Tip: It’s better to start light and build up to your desired warmth! It’s easier to add than take away! 

So there you go beauties, an easy countouring look! Still not sure, check out the video below and if you have any questions then feel free to reach out via Twitter or Instagram @Lauren_benefit using #learnwithlauren!

Happy contouring!

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx