What’s perfect about this eye shadow set is that it comes with everything you need, no need to buy 100 things at once! (I know we’re very clever) As well as the shadows being put in order to make it as easy as possible for you lovely ladies, it also comes with a brush, mirror  and a guide to tell you how to achieve the perfect shimmering smokey eye look you need this summer!Air Patrol FB

1.Firstly apply air patrol eye primer (deffo going to help keep your eyes perfect for the whole day and night) all over the eye lid and brow bone.

2.Next grab the big beautiful eyes kit...it goes in order from left to right, so start off with the boing concealer base and apply all over the eye lid using the concealer brush provided.  Then use the light pink shimmer shade and apply this all over the eyelid just like the concealer.

3. Now, take the light brow shimmer and blend this into the crease of the eye to create a contoured smokey eye effect – you can build this up by applying more product to the crease! If you fancy a more subtle look, just apply less product!

4.The final shade is multi use! You can use this to either add texture and contour the eyes more by adding it to the crease and blending it out, or it can be used as a subtle eye liner instead of a black gel liner in order to create a more natural look.


5.Finally apply our they’re real liner and use the accuflex tip in order to create that sharp winged eyeliner look that everyone loves! The non-smudge formula will leave your eyes looking fresh and fabulous all day long!


Enjoy my beauties and remember to flutter those lashes!

Love and Lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx