How To Get Beautifully Clean Brushes

Lets face it – we all neglect our brushes from time to time whether they’re collecting dust in a lonely corner, stiff with product build up on our dressing tables or simply swimming around our make up bags looking a bit yucky. Give your brushes the tender love and care they deserve and clean them regularly to keep them lasting longer.

Assistant Trend and Make-Up artist Lauren Hogsden has given us her simple steps to keep your brushes clean, which in her words will “make your make-up application look and feel fantastic…“

Step 1

Place your brushes in a glass tumbler of shallow warm water,  so your brush bristles are immersed.

Step 1: Make-up brushes soaking in water

Step 2

Leave to soak for 5-10 minutes to loosen product build up within the brushes.

Step 3

Using a brush cleanser or gentle shampoo (baby shampoo), massage your brushes working from bass to tip until the shampoo begins to lather on the brush.

 Step 3: Massaging make-up brush to lather 

Baby shampoo is ideal as it’s not as astringent as normal shampoo, maintaining your brushes longevity by conditioning as well as cleaning.

Step 4

Rinse your brushes under a gentle flow of warm water until the water runs clean through the brush.

Reshape the brush by lightly pinching the brush from bass to tip, this will not only help to hold the brush shape whilst drying but removes excess water that has been held in the brush for a faster drying time.

 Step 4: Reshape make-up brush

Step 5

Place the brushes on a small towel and let them dry naturally for 6 – 8 hours, preferably overnight.

Do not use a hairdryer to dry your brushes, as direct heat can damage your brushes.

 Stage 5: brushes drying on towel


So ladies, give your brushes a little treat with a shampoo and reshape once every two -three weeks. After all, happy brushes result in beautiful make up. 

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Best and beautiful brushes,

The Digital Darlings xx