Struggling to achieve that PERFECT brow? Always getting brow envy? Constantly wanting to achieve the browtastic look?  Girlies, your problems are solved! You can get your brows looking as gorgeous as our benebabes? BUT HOW?! Well… all you’re going to need is a few of our new benebrow essentials! Darlings these products are going to take your brows from OW to WOW in no time!

PRIMER IS A MUST! (Even for eyebrows?…YES!)

Girlies, grab your BROWVO conditioning primer now! It’s SO amazing that you only need one click for each eyebrow in order to keep those brows primed to perfection. Can it get any better? Of course! It even contains pro vitamin B which is proven to boost hair growth! So now you can easily say goodbye to those sparse brows and get that fuller looking brow.

Too many brow dilemmas? Us benebabes have you covered!

Once upon a time a silly benebabe overplucked her eyebrows (every gals worst nightmare!) and has forever lived in envy of those beauties with naturally gorgeous brows </3 Well now you can easily achieve the thicker,bolder, more defined brow in a matter of seconds! Although there are multiple new products to choose from… GOOFPROOF and PRICISELY, MY BROW have to be some of our faves. The creamy texture and the self-sharpening pointed tips allows one of the easiest applications you will ever come across. Use the pointed tip of goofproof to outline and define the brow and simply use the flattened base of the applicator to fill in those lovely looking brows, giving you those bolder brows you have always dreamed of! Wanting something more precise you say? Precisely, my brow will create those natural looking fine hairs to not only create a defined eye brow but fill in those sparse looking brows to create a fuller more fabulous look.

Goof and precisley


Magical Finishing Touches

Finish off this fab look with our READY SET BROW. A clear setting gel which will get those wild brows sitting neatly and perfectly for 24 hours (I know, we cant believe how long it lasts either!) Designed with a flat or a bristle side brush, you can choose between dabbing the product on or alternatively sweeping through the eyebrows to set them into place.

Finally it would be a crime to leave these gorgeous looking brows without any highlight! Our new and updated HIGH BROW and HIGH BROW GLOW is so creamy making the blendability (if that is even a word) so easy! Instantly lifting the arch of the brows creating a more defined look and achieving that amazing halo brow that is trending right now!


So gorgeous, what are you waiting for?! Go and pick up a few products and get those brows looking Browtastic!
Love and Lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx