Match made in heaven: Finding your foundation shade

Summer is finally here! And oh, how we’ve been loving changing up our make-up to match the happy sunny vibes here in Benetowers!

But before you go colour and bronzing crazy, first things first…let’s talk about the base! Here, our assistant trend and make-up artist Lauren Hogsden tells us how to find the perfect foundation colour to match your skin tone, taking you through the seasons. Let’s get flawless:

Finding the perfect foundation match is hard. We’ve all done it, rushed into buying a foundation leaving us looking like only our face has seen the sun or even looking a little ill and pale. Haha!

 Well, I’m here to help with some simple steps and top tips.

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Finding your foundation shade

 Step 1

When buying your new foundation it’s best to shop with no foundation on to determine your skins natural colouring. If you wish to have a colour matching consultation with Benefit Cosmetics, a benefit beauty adviser can remove the necessary makeup for you.

 Top tip – If you are a fake tan wearer and wear it more often then not, colour match your foundation with your tan on, to insure you get the perfect match.

 Step 2

Finding your natural undertone is key. Is it pink, yellow, peach, golden or brown?

 Top tip – This will not be found on the back of your hand, as are hands and face tend to be different tones.

 Step 3

Now it’s time to look for a foundation with the same undertone.

 Top tip –  Try a couple of colours with the same undertone and compare, to insure you have the right foundation that works for your skin colouring.

 Different shades of Benefit Foundation swatches on hand

Step 4

Determine your matching colour.

 Top tip – your correct shade, will be the shade that seamlessly blends from your jawline into your natural neck tone.

 Model Colour matching her foundation

Step 5

Once you’ve found the one, apply over your complexion to get a real feel for the foundation and if it’s right for you.

 Top tip – when applying your foundation work from the centre of the face out, to ensure you get maximum cover to the T-zone and no product build up at the hairline.

 As the seasons change so does our skin tone, add a couple of drops of your summer foundation into your winter, you can them custom blend this to your perfect tone until you make your complete transition over to your summer foundation. When we are just coming in to winter, same rules apply, however you will now just be adding drops of your winter foundation into your summer foundation.

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Have a fabulous weekend!

Love and lipstick,

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