Hello Flawless! How is everyone doing? Have you all picked up your Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW, or what we like to call #HFOW?? I’m going to share with you my TOP TIPS for applying our new liquid foundation. These steps will help you lift off to complexion perfection!

Prep, Prime, & Perfect:

Prep: Prepping the skin is essential when you want to achieve a flawless base. I heart prepping my skin using our b.right radiance skincare range.This new skincare range helps to maintain and restore the moisture levels of your skin. Cleanse using our foamingly clean facial wash. TOP TIP!! Cleanse twice as the first wash removes only surface dirt & the second helps deep-cleanse the skin. Next, massage our triple-performing facial emulsion into you skin. Spend a good 30 seconds applying the moisture, and make sure to work upwards.

Prime: I am asked all the time about priming. Fans ask “What does it do?” or “Is it worth doing?” Priming is a must for sure! My fav primer is the Porefessional. Did you also know that it is the UK’s No.1 selling primer? Yay! And, for those of you who haven’t tried it, there is a Porefessional beauty bonus in every #HFOW for you to try!! This secret weapon removes excess oil, minimises the appearance of pore and fine lines AND keeps your make up in place for longer. Apply all over your face using your hands-remember that less is more as it spreads very easily. This will give you the perfectly clean even base, all ready for your foundation.

Perfect: Now it’s time to perfect using your Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW liquid foundation.

I would also highly recommend using a foundation brush. Foundation brushes are made of synethic hair. This means that the products sits on top of the hair rather than soaking into it. You also have more control when applying. You use less product and get a much more even, long-lasting base. So, I believe that a foundation brush is a great investment that will actually save you money in the long run. TOP TIP: Clean your brushes using baby shampoo once a week, and leave it to dry naturally.

Why you should only use a foundation brush:

1. NO hands: Your hands are constantly in use, so no matter how well you clean them, they’re always dirty. This dirt then transfers onto your face, which is not good! Your fingers are also porous so you are also wasting product.

2. NO sponge: A sponge soaks up product, which leads to wastage.  so you are also wasting product.

Once you have applied your #HFOW, don’t forget to pick up your matching shade in our Hello Flawless compact powder, and apply it on in the shape of a ‘3’ on either side of the face for the most flawless finish ever!!!

To find your perfect match, pop along to any of our boutiques or counters to be colour-matched. Follow me @Lisa_Benefit on Twitter & befriend me on Facebook for competitions! Also watch this video for more tips & tricks on prep, prime, & perfect!

Signing off for now!!

Lisa xx

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