How to avoid panda eyes

Tomorrow, something VERY exciting is happening as we welcome the latest products to launch on Benefit counters, and things have gotten COLOURFUL! Yes, tomorrow we are launching they’re real mascaras and liners in brand new colours. Now don’t worry Benebabes, we will be posting plenty of tutorials over the coming weeks – but first you need to nail that basics. Our Senior Makeup Artist Lauren Hogsden tells us how to keep that liner and mascara in place!

Over to you Lauren:

Benefit products used to stop makeup transfer

So you may be wondering why product transfer happens? Well it could be the result of perspiring, humidity or simply having oily eyelids.ย Either way Panda eyes are for Pandas, it’s their look and they pull it off better than we ever could ๐Ÿ˜‰ Follow these simple steps and say goodbye to those unwanted makeup mishaps.

ย Step 1: Start with a clean and fresh face

Start with a clean and fresh face removing any excess oils that may have been secreted throughout the night, paying close attention to the eyelid area.ย Opt for an oil free cleanser such as foamily clean face wash or remove it make-up remover. Once the skin is clean, moisturise.

Top tip:ย when applying eye cream, place on the orbital bone around the eyes rather than the eyelid itself and use sparingly.

ย Step 2: Prime your eyes with a concealer or primer

Next, prime and conceal your eyes. Using a primer will provide you with the perfect base and, most importantly, anchor your eye makeup in place (I’m using stay don’t stray). Apply three small dots under the eye and blend all over the the lower eye area, avoiding contact with the eyes. Then, apply three dots on the eyelid and blend up and out, towards the brow bone. If needed, add extra concealer and gently pat around the eye for extra coverage.ย Ensure to pat, pat, pat into the lid rather than rub. This makes sure you’re pulling delicate and sensitive skin.ย ย 

Model applying Stay don't stray primer around eyes

Step 3: Add a setting powder

Once you’ve aced that base. Make sure you set the concealer or primer with a setting powder. Our fave isย Dr. Feelgood Silky Mattifying Powder, either use a fluffy brushย  or damp beauty sponge to pat in the product. Dust away any excess.

Step 4: Add your eyeliner

Next, add your eyeliner. Make sure toย opt for an eyeliner that provides you with maximum longevity. I love they’re real! push up eyeliner as it has a matte gel formula which is waterproof and wonโ€™t smudge, budge or dry out for up to 24 hours!

ย Top tip: If you have a low-lying eyelid keep your eyeliner tight to your lash line. Not only will this prevent your liner from transferring on to your eyelid, but it will also make your eyes appear bigger.ย If you wish to add a little more drama to the eyes, gently pull up your upper lids to expose your waterline a glide over the waterline with Benefit’s bad gal black waterproof liner.

Step 5: Apply mascara to your lashes

It is then time to add your mascara.ย They’re real! lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts and separates lashes. It’s also has a long-wearing formula to help prevent smudging around the eyes. Simply apply by positioning the wand horizontally & wiggle the brush from side to side; base to tip. This will achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Then, hold wand vertically & stroke upward to curl & separate.

Top tip: when adding your mascara, really focus on the base of your lash line as this will provide depth. Also, avoid adding lots of coats of mascara to the tips of your lashes, as this is what tends to transfer the most. Keep it light ladies!

ย model applying Benefit They're Real mascara

Step 6: Cut in under the eyeliner using Stay Don’t Stray

Cut in under the your eyeliner using Stay Don’t Stray. This will act as an added extra barrier, preventing your eyeliner from slipping down throughout the day.

ย Model using Benefit Stay Donโ€™t Stray to cut in under eyeliner


Model applying Agent Zero powder to set eye makeup



There you go ladies! We hope this helps! Stay in touch by following me on Instagram at @lauren_hogsden and hashtag with #learnwithlauren.

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