With hundreds of brow products on the market, finding what is right for you and your brows can be a confusing time. That’s why as the UK’s leading brow brand, with the top 6 selling prestige eye brow products in the UK*, we’ve enlisted the help of Benefit Senior Make Up and Trend Team Artist, Laurretta Power to sum up each product in the ultimate Benefit BROW-encyclopaedia for Debenhams’s Beauty Club Brow Focus month.


B is for…

brow contour pro –

Perfect for…

On the go beauty addicts

People who want to customize their brow style

brow contour pro, is the ultimate brow contouring tool, as it includes 2 light & dark pencils and 2 skin toned highlighters in 1 easy to use pen. Think old school, click down colour pens but in a boujee brow product.

You can use the light and dark brow shades in the pencil, as opposing colours to make your brow hairs more hair-like, natural and defined. Then using the highlighting pencil you can carve out your brows, or cover up any rogue hairs. This is the product for you, if you’re an on the go beauty addict but also doesn’t want to take 12023 brow products around with you in your make up bag.


browvo conditioning primer –

Perfect for…

Those who want to grow and thicken their brow hairs

Prepping and setting brow products

browvo conditioning primer is the best treat your eyebrows can get. Anyone who has struggled to grow out their brow hairs, to achieve a thick and full supermodel brow, this product will get you on your way. The formula contains keratin & soy proteins which are ingredients KNOWN to help make hair GROW. What more could you want?

Used alone, it conditions and smooths brows. Worn with product, it acts as a primer to make your brow products last longer. We wear moisturizer and eye cream day and night, so a top tip is to wear browvo day and night for visible growing results.


browzings brow shaping kit –

Perfect for…

Those who love to customise their brow styles

Shaping brows between waxes

brow zings is the ultimate brow shaping and styling pocket-sized palette. Included in the palette, is an ultra-pigmented wax and powder duo. The brow zings palette also comes with a dual ended brush and tiny pair of tweezers so you don’t have to worry about packing or buying any other brow tools with this product. Tweeze any stray hairs, then use the pigmented wax to shape and add definition to the brow. We set our faces with finishing powder, so why don’t we do the same for our brows? Using the powder and brush, fill in any sparse gaps and set the wax for a long-lasting brow shape. OR if you’re pushed for time in the morning, use the brush and mix both together to save time.


brow styler

Perfect for…

Those who want the option to create 3 different looks with 1 product

A new comer to the Benefit brow family, brow styler is a multi-tasking wax pencil and powder. The water-resistant, 18-hour wear wax-pencil sculpts and shapes brows for a clean & shaped look while the loose filling powder builds easily for soft & full brows. Wear them together for bold & defined brows! 3 looks in 1, perfect for the babes that like to change up their look every day!



For is for…

fool proof brow powder

Perfect for…

Filling in sparse brows to still look natural and full

Long-wearing brows

Fool proof brow powder is ideal for those with sparser brows, due to its velvet powder finish, the formula adheres to hair and skin, meaning you that with or without hair it is easy to add textured strokes as if hair were there. The palette comes with a lighter, and dark shade which can be used in a variety of different ways. Either colour can be used alone to style your brows, or together in different strokes to add texture. Mixed together for an all over cool shade, or use the light shade at the beginning of the brow, and darker shade towards the end for a contoured brow shape. The palette comes with brush & spoolie for easy on the go application.



G is for…

gimme brow+

Perfect for…

Those with sparser brow hair

Babes with limited time in the morning

Brow beginners & experts who need a quick & easy brow fix.

gimme brow+ is the no.1 selling prestige eyebrow product in the UK*, and for good reason. This easy-to-use brow gel, will fill out any brow to make them fluffy, full and thick in seconds. The formula contains micro fibres, which mimic the appearance of real brow hairs, meaning this is the ultimate brow product for making brows look as natural as possible. The tiny, tapered spoolie brush makes for precise, yet quick and effortless application. Brush through the root of the hair backwards, so that the micro fibres adhere to your hair, then brush in the right direction to set to your desire shape.

You can customize your look, if you want a fluffier brow, brush hairs up at the front until you’ve achieved your desired effect. For a more slicked back look, comb through and set the direction of the hair.


goof proof brow pencil

Perfect for…

Brow beginners

Quick, ready to go morning brows

Adding more definition and colour to a brow

goof proof brow pencil, is the ultimate styling tool for girls and guys who want to use a brow pencil but don’t have hours in their morning routine to style their brows. With a thicker end to the pencil, it is effortless to use this to fill in the thicker parts of your brows, including the start and arch. Then to fill in the tail of your brow, use the thinner, tapered end to draw and fill in for a sharp tail. goof proof is a long-wear formula, so your brow will last all day, even in hot weather or the gym.



H is for…

high brow & high brow glow

Perfect for…

Highlighting and defining the brow area

Boosting the look youth and radiance

‘A brow lift in a pencil’, use high brow & high brow glow to visibility boost youth and radiance around the brows. The same creamy, blendable formula in an easy to use pencil. high brow glow, has a slight glowy finish, where high brow is a natural matte consistency. Both are used to the same effect to highlight and define around the brow for a contoured look. Using a highlight under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye can make eyes look brighter and more awake. Apply direct to skin, then blend out using warmth of your finger or a concealer brush. To pull together the entire make up look, use on your cupid bow for an extra pop and highlight.



K is for…


perfect for…

Defined and refined brows.

Adding more texture and depth to the brow.

Those who want a bold brow.

Layering with other products.

ka-brow is a creamy, lightweight and buildable brow gel. You can customize your desired look, from natural to dramatic by adding more or less products or different brush strokes. Once you’ve practised and achieved your desired look, ka-brow is such an easy and buildable product to use so we recommend this from brow beginners to brow experts.

It comes with a built in brush in the lid, which you can flick and clip to make an easy-to-use handle. This means it’s perfect for travelling as gel pot & brush are all in one place – no need to buy extra brow brushes like with some brow products out there. Start by drawing a defined line along the bottom of the brow, then flick strokes upwards to make hairs appear fuller.



24 hr brow setter

Perfect for…

Setting brows and layering over other brow products

Making brows LAST

Making brows fluffy

Quick and easy brows for on the go girls

An all-round favourite BROW product at Bene-HQ, super easy and simple to use, no artistry required. This clear brow gel, will set and tame even the most unruly of brows. OR if you like a thick and bushy brow, 24 hr brow setter will help set hairs in a preferred shape or direction. The custom-moulded, dual-sided wand coats hairs from root to tip and the flexible, flake-free formula is easy to apply and quick to dry.

You can use 24 hr brow setter BEFORE or AFTER using other brow products, as it’s the perfect product for layering. Set your borws in place, then use goof proof or precisely, my brow to fill in any gaps – this will create the ultimate, natural looking brow.


3D brow tones

Perfect for…

Adding dimension to the brows

Livening up brow colours & adding highlights

3D browtones is an enhancer gel that adds natural-looking highlights to brows. You can wear 3D browtones alone or layered over other products like a brow pencil to order to gain your desired effect. If you’re a dark browed babe, add a lighter tone to soften a deep or blocked out brow. If you’re a lighter haired girl, brush the dark colours through brows to add depth and definition.


*Source: The NPD Group .Value product sales of Total Prestige Eye Brow Segment for 2018 Jan to December