Fed up of  your eyeliner constantly smudging?


Eyeliner is arguably one of the hardest aspects of makeup to master, taking even the best makeup artists years to perfect. Practice is definitely the key when it comes to applying eyeliner successfully. So, what happens when you’ve spent valuable minutes in the morning carefully applying your eyeliner, only to glance in the mirror at lunchtime to discover that it’s transferred all over your eyelids?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Which is why we’ve put together a list of Benefit Approved tips and tricks to ensure your eyeliner stays in place all day without transferring an inch!


STEP 1: Use an eye primer

I cannot stress the importance of using an eye primer enough! Not only will it help your eyeshadow and eyeliner to sit smoothly, but it will also stop your eyelids from getting oily throughout the day, which is one of the biggest causes of eyeliner transfer.

Use the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye primer for amazing 360 results for both under eye concealer AND eyeshadow and eyeliner. The moisturising formula ensures you achieve all day crease-free results and improves the vibrancy of the colour on your lids.

Benefit Cosmetic's Stay Don't Stray Primer


STEP 2: Use a waterproof eyeliner

Sounds pretty obvious, but you’re going to get the least transfer from a waterproof eyeliner compared to a normal liner. Like I said above, oily eyelids are one of the main causes of eyeliner transfer throughout the day, so using a waterproof liner is VERY important!

Benefit’s brand new BADGal Bang! 24 Hour Eye Pencil is waterproof, transfer-resistant AND dries down to a gorgeous matte finish. Win win! The formula is super creamy and glides onto the lid for smooth and precise application and minimal fuss. It also comes in 4 beautifully rich shades so there’s a colour for everyone out there!


Benefit Cosmetic's BADgal BANG! Eyeliner in Blue


STEP 3: Apply an eyeshadow over the top

Another great Bene-babe tip we have for you is to apply a coloured eyeshadow (or even a translucent face powder) over the top of the eyeliner to ensure it’s completely set. This extra layer of powder will lock in the eyeliner all day, but you can also use it to smoke out and intensify your eye look.

Just make sure that you don’t rub or drag the product over the eyeliner that you’ve just painstakingly applied. Dab the shadow with a small, condensed brush onto the eyeliner or bring it up and out slightly to achieve a bag gal smokey eye look.

The great thing about the BadGal Bang! 24 Hour Eye Pencils is that they come with a built-in smudger that blends the formula easily and evenly before setting it to a budge-proof matte finish.


Benefit Cosmetic's BADgal BANG! Eyeliner in Black


STEP 4: Use a setting spray

Once you’re completely happy with your amazing bag gal eyeliner look you can go ahead and spritz your face with your favourite setting spray to lock everything into place. To complete the look, use a good dose of BadGal Bang! Mascara to open your eyes, thicken and elongate lashes, and intensify the boldness even further


Benefit Cosmetic's BADGal BANG! Mascara



There we are Benebabes! A fool-proof guide to ensuring your eyeliner stays put all day long, no matter what life may throw at you! Now it’s over to you…