At Benefit, we’re all about instant, quick and easy to achieve beauty solutions. This is why powder highlighter is one of the easiest highlighting products to use and to master. In seconds you can get either a soft goddess glow, or beaming out of these world cheeks in seconds.

YOU ASKED… WE LISTENED – We’ve now bought the most lusted after highlighter Cookie & Tickle shades from the Cheekleader palettes, out as single. We’re going to teach you the best ways to use powder highlighter, and any tips or tricks you can use to make the most of your highlighter.

How to apply powder highlighter:

STEP 1: Apply a brightening primer

Using a brightening, light reflecting primer like the POREfessional Pearl Primer, especially on the high areas of your cheekbones, nose and chin will help intensify the powder highlighter… As well as keeping your make up on all day. Start with a perfected and primed base.

Now, you can use a powder highlight on just bare primed skin, when you’re feeling those no make up days or use after you’ve applied your foundation, bronzer and even blusher for a more intense, contoured look.

STEP 2: Apply foundation and contour

Using Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation, next apply your base. Taking Hoola, add a lil’ bronze all over your face for bronze. Take a smaller, defined brush and re-apply Hoola to make your contour look more intensified.

STEP 3: Apply your blusher and highlighter!

Often I add a blusher, like Gold Rush over to top of my cheekbones before applying highlighter. Then I use a small brush to highlight all the high points of my face, including cheekbones, chin, and bridge of my nose, brow bone and inner corners of my eyes.

Usually, I pair Cookie with Gold Rush or Rockateur.

Then, Tickle with GALifornia or Dandelion!

After this step, I often take the blusher again and add a flush back to my cheeks to tie in all the products. Feel free to add blusher before, or after highlighter… Whichever way you prefer.

EXTRA STEP FOR AN INTENSE GLOW: Take a setting spray

Using your favourite setting spray, mist your face then take your brush and highlighter and re-apply your highlight once the setting spray has semi-set. This will intensify your highlighter.

MUA TIP: Use your fingertip

Our senior trend team artist, Laurretta, @laurrettapower, loves to use her clean fingertip to apply powder highlighters. She says that, ‘using a fingertip will help keep the powder together and look seamless and smooth on the skin’.

Love & lipstick, Laura xx