Coloured makeup can be a scary thought for some people. All too often we get into a rut of wearing the same black mascara and brown eyeliner everyday just because it’s safe or it’s what everyone else is wearing. But what if coloured makeup, more specifically mascara, didn’t have to be scary? What if there was a way to wear it without looking like you’re paying tribute to Pat Butcher?


Well there is! We’ve got some Benefit makeup artist approved tips to help you rock a coloured mascara without fear of looking like you’re from the 80s (unless that’s your vibe, then rock it girl!).


Tip 1: Use a blue mascara

A great way to introduce a bit of unexpected colour into your makeup look is to use a blue mascara. It might sound scary but trust us it’s not! Blue mascara has the ability to brighten the whites of your eyes making you look more awake and alert (and who doesn’t want that?!). It also looks great with every eye colour so it doesn’t matter if you’re a hazel eyed beauty or a green eyed queen, blue mascara will look great on you!

At Benefit we recommend using the BADgal BANG! volumizing mascara in brightening blue. The formula is exactly the same as our best-selling BADgal BANG! black mascara (smudge-proof, water resistant, insane volume and dramatic lift), but with the added bonus of being bright blue! Give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Tip 2: Combine a blue mascara with black mascara

If you’re unsure if blue mascara is for you but still want a brightening effect, then try this top Bene-tip! Apply a coat of your usual black mascara and wait for it to dry. Then apply the BADgal BANG! brightening blue mascara to the ends of your lashes. Think of it as highlights for your lashes. This way you still get the same effect without your lashes being obviously blue.


Tip 3: What to pair it with

Another conundrum you may have when wearing a blue mascara is deciding what other makeup to pair it with. Well we have the answer! A great way to really make the blue stand out is to wear an orange or copper eyeshadow. Orange and blue are contrasting colours meaning they complement and accentuate each other. Using the big beautiful eyes palette take the shade ‘melon matte’ and top it with ‘copper shimmer’ to really set off the blue hue of the mascara.



Tip 4: Use a coloured eye pencil

Go another step further and add a coloured eyeliner to your makeup routine. Our new BADgal BANG! 24 hour eye pencil is the perfect addition to anyone’s makeup kit as it’s super pigmented, creamy and, as the name suggests, lasts 24 hours! Add the eye pencil over the top of eye shadow or to a bare lid for an extra pop of colour. You can also use the built-in smudger tool to smoke out the eye pencil and create a really dramatic look.



There we have it Benebabes! That’s your step by step guide on how to rock blue mascara and what to pair it with. Still need some convincing? Take a look at Senior Trend Team artist Laurretta’s take on how to wear blue mascara, you’ll love it!


Love and Lipstick

Laura x