Channel Your Inner Scary Cat This Halloween!

It’s time to dig out the plastic cauldrons and foam gravestones! Pop on your favourite scary movie and get spooky, Halloween is nearly here! Need some inspiration to totally kill your Halloween makeup look this year? Our Senior Make-up Artist Lauren has put together a spook-tactular step by step guide to help you channel your inner scary cat and become a purr-fectly fearsome feline. Check out her other guide on how to transform yourself into a scary unicorn.


Follow Our Step-By-Step Scary Cat Makeup Tutorial!

Step 1:

Start by prepping your skin with our Weightless Moisture moisturiser and POREfessional Face Primer to create a flawless base.

Lauren using the POREfessional face primer


Step 2:

Next, apply our Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation and blend, blend, blend!

Lauren using the Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation


Step 3:

Use your Hoola bronzer to heavily contour your cheekbones, forehead, nose and eye area. The aim is for it to be dramatic and feline-like, so don’t be shy!

Lauren using Hoola Bronzer to contourLauren using Hoola Bronzer to contour


Step 4:

Use Precisely, My Brow to fill in your brows. Don’t worry about keeping them neat, the messier and ‘furrier’ the better it’ll look! Then use 24-hour Brow Setter Gel to set them in place and give them a fluffy look.

Lauren using Precisely, my brow pencilLauren using 24-hour brow setter gel


Step 5:

Use Roller Liner to create a ‘feline flick’ winged eyeliner.

Lauren using Roller Liner


Step 6:

Then use Roller Eye Bright Eye Pencil to create the illusion of long, feline-like eyes by extending the inner corner of your eye.

Lauren using Roller Eye Bright Eye Pencil


Step 7:

Next, take your They’re Real Lengthening mascara in black and apply to your lashes. To add a fur texture you can also lightly brush it down your forehead to pick up all your small ‘baby hairs’.

Lauren using they're real mascaraLauren using they're real mascara


Step 8:

Get your Roller Liner back out and draw on a cute cat nose. Then fill in your top lip and connect it to your nose with a thin straight line.

Lauren using roller liner


Step 9:

Use Hoola bronzer in the shade Toasted to further define your cheek area along your smile line. If you don’t have a darker bronzer then just go over the area a few times with your normal bronzer shade.

Lauren using hoola bronzer toasted


Step 10:

Take your Precisely, My Brow and draw on whisker dots to your upper lip, then lightly draw the whiskers on your cheeks.

Lauren using Precisely, my brow to draw on cat whiskers


Step 11:

Finally, add some false lashes to take your scary cat look to the next level. We recommend using the Girly Up full, flared false lashes for added drama!

Lauren applying false lashes


And you’re done! Feel free to add some fake blood (it is Halloween after all), cat ears, and claws to complete the look!

Scary Cat Halloween Makeup Look With Fake Blood


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