Channel Your Inner Scary Unicorn This Halloween!

It’s time to dig out the fake cobwebs and plastic skeletons! Pop on your favourite spooky tunes and get ready, Halloween is nearly here! Need some inspiration to totally kill your Halloween makeup look this year? Our Senior Make-up Artist Lauren has put together a spook-tactular step by step guide to help you channel your inner scary unicorn and become fantastically frightening. Check out her other guide on how to transform yourself into a scary cat.


Follow Our Step-By-Step Scary Unicorn Makeup Tutorial!

Step 1:

Prep your skin with our POREfessional Pearl Face Primer to help your makeup stay on all night long!

Lauren using POREfessional Pearl face primer


Step 2:

Use the Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer to prep the eye area. Apply it to your eyelid, under eye and take it partially down your cheek.

Lauren using boi-ing cakeless concealer


Step 3:

Next, take BADgal BANG! 24 Hour Eye Pencil in purple and fill in your eyelid, blending up and out to create a winged look. Then apply it to your lower lash line and blend out, giving a smoky eye look.

Lauren using BADgal BANG 24 hour eye pencilLauren using BADgal BANG 24 hour eye pencilLauren using BADgal BANG 24 hour eye pencil


Step 4:

Add another pop of colour by using the BADgal BANG! mascara in blue!

Lauren using BADgal BANG mascara in blue


Step 5:

Then apply our Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation to give yourself the perfect base to build on.

Lauren using Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation


Step 6:

Take Posietint and use it to stain your lips and cheeks a beautiful pink colour.

Lauren using posietint


Step 7:

It’s highlighter time! Go wild and use Tickle highlighter on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, brow bone and inner corner of your eye.

Lauren using Tickle Highlighter


Step 8:

Then use 24-hour Brow Setter Gel and push up your brow hairs to give a fluffy, ‘soap brow’ effect.

Lauren using 24-hour brow setter gel


Step 9:

Now for the fun bit! Add as much glitter, sparkles and gems as you like. And a unicorn horn, of course!

Lauren applying glitter gemsLauren wearing a unicorn horn and flower head band


Step 10:

Now to turn this cute unicorn into a scary unicorn! Take the BADgal BANG! 24 hour eye pencil in black and outline the unicorn horn, using the built-in smudge brush to blend out the edges.

Lauren using the badgal bang 24 hour eye pencil


Step 11:

To finish off the look, apply some fake blood around the unicorn horn to give the illusion of it breaking through your skin.

Lauren applying fake blood to the scary unicorn makeup lookscary unicorn halloween makeup look


Want some more ideas? Delve into the Benefit archives to see looks from our ghostly Halloween past.

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