How to create an instant face lift look with makeup in 7 simple steps!

If you’ve been on any form of social media in the last month, you would’ve seen all the makeup guru’s using concealer and contour to create a face lift effect! All you need is three products!

Step 1 – Find your perfect highlighting and contouring shade!

Our boi-ing cakeless concealer is perfect for this trend, with its super blend-able and longwearing formula!

For highlighting, pick a concealer shade 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation, and don’t forget to make sure it matches your undertone!

When picking your perfect shade for contour, choose a concealer 2-3 shades darker than your foundation, that matches your undertone!

For your third product, make sure you have a damp beauty sponge at hand!

Step 2 – Map out your highlighter!

Placement is key! Take your lighter concealer shade and place at the inner corner of your under-eyes and avoid the centre. Then apply from the outer corner of your undereye and extend to your temple. You want to apply in an outwards direction, like winged eyeliner!

Wait 30 seconds before blending out with your sponge! This will give you a brighter finish and make it easier to blend.

Step 3 – Blend it out!

Then go in with your sponge and lightly tap, don’t drag, so you don’t disturb your foundation underneath!

When blending the inner corner section of your concealer, focus on covering dark circles and take it down the side of your nose slightly. This helps to create a super brightening effect!

When blending the outer corner section, try not to blend the concealer down, blend upwards for a lifted effect.

Step 4 – Map out your contour!

When applying the deeper concealer shade start with small amounts and then build up if desired!

Place the shade just above where your natural cheekbone sits and extend to be in line where the outer corner of your eye starts, but underneath where you’ve highlighted!

Step 5 – Blend, Blend, Blend!

Grab your damp sponge and lightly tap upwards to blend out the contour. Focusing the blend upwards will prevent the contour from dragging your features down.

Top tip! If you’ve gone in too heavy handed, or your contours blended too far down your face, grab your beauty sponge and some loose powder! Lightly tap over the areas with a small amount of powder on your sponge to clean up these areas.

Step 6 – Want to make it last?

Use your beauty sponge and some loose powder to set the areas you’ve highlighted! Just dab the translucent powder over these areas and don’t bake! Just press the powder into skin and use a fluffy brush to sweep away any excess!

When setting your contour in place use hoola matte bronzer to add more definition or go in and set with your regular face powder!


Step 7 – Complete your natural facelift look with a smile!

Don’t forget to apply your smile and conquer your day!

Love and lipstick,

Molly xx