This month, we want to educate our followers on the subjects that may feel like a taboo or you might be unsure about! So, let’s talk about Smear Tests 👏

We’ve all been there, 6 months before your 25th birthday, you get THE letter with no manual on what to expect, and that can be daunting. Here’s a few steps on what to expect at your first smear test to make you feel that little bit more at ease, and remember, it is NOT embarrassing, it’s powerful to put yourself in control of YOUR health.


You’ll be nervous, and that’s okay!

We all feel nervous, it’s natural to feel that way, it’s totally normal and you’re NOT alone. But don’t let your nerves take over, remember, you’re doing this for you. Calm your nerves by chatting to your friends and family or make a plan for the day after!


When you head in, you’ll have a chat with the nurse.

They’ll run you through some questions that they have to ask, and most importantly, make you feel at ease. Feel free to ask any questions you have too!


You’ll then get prepped for your test

You’ll go behind a private area where you can get prepared. Top tip, you may find it easier to wear a skirt or dress on the day!


Time for the test

It may feel a little uncomfortable, but the nurse will do everything they can to make you feel relaxed (as much as you can be, anyway). Your cells are then sent off to the lab to be examined.


It’s over! And you’ll feel SO proud

The nurse will give you a few moments to get your things together and will explain the process of receiving results (these are usually via letter and arrive in 2 weeks, but they can take longer – so don’t worry if they do!). Remember to ask as many questions as you need. Then, smear test = completed and you’ll be SO proud you did it for YOU.


No matter what happens, there will always be support out there for you, whether that’s friends or family, nurses and doctors or a helping hand at Look Good Feel Better.

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Illustration by @dozy_rose