Brows. Under. Control.

Today we launch our brand new brow pomade! It’s formula is super pigmented, lightweight and creamy, so you can glide on POWerful brows every-time! The non-drying formula also has 36-hour wear to give sculpted and defined brows all day and night! The built-in brush wiper ensures the perfect amount of pomade on your brush to create clean lines and shape brows with precision. Alongside our new Powmade we have also launched an Angled Eyebrow Brush for easy application! It’s made of silky synthetic fibres that form short, stiff angled bristles for precise and controlled application! Plus a spoolie for seamless blending!

How To Apply

– Brush brow hairs into place with spoolie then dip your Angled Eyebrow Brush (sold separately) into POWmade.
– Wipe off excess product on the custom built in side wiper!
– Stroke onto brows in light upwards motions, then blend with spoolie!
– Keep the jar tightly closed when not in use!

Beauty tip!

Add hair-like strokes to the front of your brow with Precisely, My Brow Pencil!Β