You heard that right gorgeous, the 90s brow trend that scarred some of us has made a comeback! But fear not, we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeve to show you how to nail this look and not fail it!

Here at Benefit we’ve got your back and your brows! We love brows in all shapes and sizes, so letting go of the big bushy brow trend isn’t something we’re ready to do – just yet!

The ‘skinny’ brow comeback isn’t as extreme as what we saw in the 90s, instead think of it more as groomed, defined and precisely shaped brows to suit your face shape!

Follow the 4 steps below and master this new trend!

Step 1: Map Brows!

Before you reach for your tweezers make sure you map your brows! This ensures you get the perfect shape to complement your face! Just grab a pencil (we’re using Precisely of course 😉) and start by placing along the side of your nose to see where your brow should start.

Then angle your pencil so it still sits from the edge of your nose, but so it’s going through the centre of your pupil, making sure you’re looking straight ahead! This will give you where the arch of your brow should be.

To find where your brow should end, move the pencil to the outer corner of your eye!

If you’re struggling to map your brows, or not sure where to start, leave it to us! Our brow services all start with a signature brow mapping technique to find the perfect brows for your face shape!


Step 2: Tidy up your brows!

Now you’ve mapped out your brows, fill them in with your brow pencil following the points you’ve made! This will help give you a guide on where to remove brow hairs.

Begin to tweeze around the shape you have created but avoid removing hairs from the tail of your brows, unless it’s outside of your filled in brows – this will prevent your brows from looking like tadpoles!

Once you’ve tweezed the hairs outside of your filled in brows – put the tweezers down!

If you’re worried about removing hairs from the wrong places, or that you’ll end up with brows too thin. Book in to see one of our brow artists who will tidy up and shape your brows in no time!



Step 3: Fill and shape brows!

Now you’ve tidied up your brows, remove all product from your brows and brush your brow hairs into place.

When filling brows use our NEW POWmade Brow Pomade! This waterproof and super pigmented pomade is lightweight and longwearing, perfect for creating the ‘skinny’ brow look!

Grab your eyebrow brush – we recommend using our Dual Ended Angled Eyebrow Brush and dip into POWmade. Wipe off excess product onto the wiper, this ensures you get precise, clean and controlled lines!

Then start by filling brows in sparse areas in light upwards motions to mimic brow hairs. Focus on applying product to your brows where it’s needed, this will help to keep your brows as thin as possible, but still full where needed!

To fill the front of your brows, use Precisely! My Brow Pencil in one shade lighter than your normal brow shade and use light upward motions to create natural hair like strokes! Then blend out with spoolie!

Don’t want all the hassle of having to fill and shape your brows yourself? Upgrade your brow wax to a brow wax and tint!





Step 4: Clean up and highlight brows!

Now you’ve got your perfectly defined ‘skinny’ brow shape, take it to the next level by cleaning up the edges with concealer! This will help further ‘slim’ down brows for that 90s look!

Take a flat concealer brush and your go-to concealer, we’re using Boi-ing Cakeless of course! Take a small amount on your brush and blend around the shape you have created, cleaning up any areas you have gone in too heavy handed!

Once you’ve finished blending out your concealer it’s time to highlight your brows! This will help add extra definition and will perfectly complement your new defined brow shape!

We recommend using our NEW High Brow Duo Pencil! Use the matte or shimmer end of the pencil to highlight and instantly brighten and boost your eyes! Apply the pencil under your brow arch and use fingertips to blend out!

And WOW you have now mastered your ultimate 90’s style skinny brow, if you still need a helping hand our benebabes have got you covered, just pop in and visit us in store for your FREE brow mapping consultation.