If you received or gifted one of Benefit’s holiday kits this year – then you’re in the right place! These cute tins are perfect storing away any bits and pieces you have laying around, keep reading for our top recommendations on how to reuse your holiday kit tins!

Reusing Our Jumper Shaped Tins

You would re-wear a jumper, so why not reuse a jumper tin! These cute and conveniently sized tins are perfect for storing freshly baked (or shop bought) biscuits and cookies, store the tin away inside a cupboard or keep it out on display to add a quirky touch to your décor.

Maybe you need somewhere safe to store away all your festive season memories? If you’re a fan of taking polaroid’s and have little keepsakes laying around these festive tins will do the trick! Store all your memorabilia away inside these warm and cosy jumpers to remind you of happy times.

Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to store you’re sewing kit? There’s no place better than a jumper shaped tin to store away your sewing needles, spare buttons and threads!

Reusing Our Sock Shaped Tins

These cute little sock tins make for the perfect soap dish! Add a funky twist to your bathroom décor and keep bacteria at bay from your soap bars by closing the lid on your tin when not in use.

If you’ve got hair bands, grips and scrunchies laying around you can store them away in this perfectly sized tin. Never scramble around your room looking for those pesky grips again!

Need somewhere to keep all your Benefit mascara’s safe? This tin is the perfect size to fit all your fave mascara’s!

Reusing Our Season Of Skincare Tin

Take the lid from your season of skincare kit and use it as a beautyblender holder on your vanity! Or if you’re not a fan of beauty sponges, this little lid is perfect for standing all your box’o brushes in.

Next up, take the main tube from your season of skincare kit and use it as a makeup brush holder!

Or if you’re more into baking, this tube works perfectly for storing all your wooden spoons and spatula’s inside!