Have you ever wondered what are Benefit’s staff go-to products are? Keep reading to get the full rundown on all our fave products PLUS tips and tricks, so you can make the most of your own Benefit products.

Ursula’s go-to brow besties!

I can’t live without my 3 brow products, Powmade, Precisley My Brow Pencil & 24hr Brow Setter.

Ursula’s beauty tip!

I love to layer them to achieve a natural but full everyday brow.

Alice’s Hoola hack!

I wear Hoola everyday – not just on Wednesdays 😊

I love it especially in winter as it gives my skin a summer glow, even on the coldest of days.

Alice’s beauty tip!

I apply Hoola on my neck on days I don’t fake tan so I don’t look so pale! – you do have to be careful if you wear a white top though! (I’ve also been known to use it on my legs on a night out if I have forgotten to tan!)

New Benefit Hoola Bronzer Shades

Abby’s go-to glow!

Mine is Hoola Glow, adds a shimmer wherever you go and the perfect eyeshadow.

Sophia’s super precise brows!

My favourite Benefit product is 100% Precisely, My Brow Pencil! I naturally have very thin, light, and sparse brows which I fill in almost every day. This brow pencil is so easy to use and fills in all my blank spots whilst giving amazing definition!

Sophia’s brow tips!

I always tap the pencil against a hard surface before I use to create natural hair-like strokes.

When I’m going for a bolder brow, I underline my brow with the pencil before filling in the rest of my brow. I think this gives my brows more definition and a fuller look!

Jordanne’s quick & easy brows!

My fav Benefit product is Gimme Brow+, it’s the perfect quick-fix makeup product, ideal for applying quickly for full brows on WFH days OR on the go days!

Amy’s natural & feathered brows!

Gimme brow + its perfect for keeping my brows looking extra full!

Amy’s tips!

I love using it to brush my brows up, giving them a natural and feathered look!

Micro-fill like Molly!

I love using Microfilling Pen for a natural and defined brow look. It’s super easy to apply!

Molly’s tips!

I like to use Microfiller to fill in the front of my brows and Precisely on the rest of my brows to shape them. This makes my brows look seamless and blended!