CC Clarke’s Bene-faves!

Everyone’s dying to get their hands on looks hot off the gram! It’s easy to get CC Clarke’s glam looks with Benefit Cosmetics. Keep reading to find out all about CC’s go to products and our tips & tricks, so you can make the most of your Benefit makeup!

Perfectly precise brows!

CC uses, the No.1 prestige eyebrow product in the UK, Precisely, My Brow Pencil* in shade 3.5 to create her signature natural, defined brow. Brows are essential, whether you’re looking for a natural look or a glam bold brow, your brows add undeniable definition to your face. Reach your full glam goddess potential, with our tips + tricks below!


For natural brows with Precisely tap the tip of the pencil on a flat surface. This sharpens the tip so you can draw on natural-looking hair-like strokes. The magic of precisely allows you to create natural or bold brows!

Always apply in the same direction as your brow hairs for the most natural look. If you LOVE bold brows use the pencil to extend the tail of your brow and accentuate your brow arch.

Once you’ve finished applying the pencil grab the spool end of your brush and comb through brows to remove excess product and blend!

DISCOVER your perfect shade and best brow shapes with our try-on tool HERE!

Model applying Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow


24hr magic!

At Benefit, we know you want your makeup to last! CC uses our 24hr brow setter to secure even the smallest brow hairs into place, without sacrificing her fluffy, natural brow look. Make 24hr brow setter your go-to brow gel, with it’s flexible, flake-free and translucent formula that will keep you brow style in place all day!

With 24hr brow setter, you can shape your brows into whatever style you like, brush your brows up for a fuller and fluffy brow look. Or go 90’s style and brush your brow hairs to lay flat, turning the brush on it’s side and running along the natural shape of your brows so no hairs are pushed up!

This versatile gel will suit any brow style you choose, so if you like to switch up your look depending on your mood, then this is the product for you!

Take it from us, the No.1 Brow Brand in the UK.*

Whether you have thin, sparse brows, or thick full brows, 24hr brow setter grabs every brow hair to elevate your look and your hairs!

Get the gel everyone needs!


Holy Smokes!

Get CC Clarke’s iconic fox eye look with our Badgal 24hr Eyeliner. This eyeliner glides on smooth to create a smudge proof look to die for. Badgal’s matte finish can go from sharp and precise to smudged and sexy – it’s your choice gorgeous. Includes a built-in smudger for smoky eyes in seconds.

If you want to take your look to the next level apply BADgal BANG! Mascara for intense and volumised lashes! Did you know BenefitΒ is the no.1 Prestige Eye Makeup Brand in the UK.**


Want to make your eyes POP? Get your best smokey liner look yet, by matching up your eye colour to one of our pencil shades below!

If you have blue eyes, try this pencil in the brown shade to make your eye colour shine!

Our purple pencil will enhance gorgeous green eyes!

For brown eyes, use the midnight blue pencil to make your eyes stand out!

SHOP BADgal BANG! Pencil

SHOP BADgal BANG! Mascara

Get your best glow!

Hoola Caramel sweeps on a natural looking bronze all year round. CC uses Hoola in shade caramel, for a warm and soft glow! This shade complements warmer skin tones and those who prefer warmer a bronze shade! Head to our site to see all our shades of Hoola to find the perfect award-winning shade for you!

Hoola is the no. 1 selling Prestige Bronzer in the UK***


For an all over bronze glow sweep your go-to Hoola shade over your neck and dΓ©colletage! Our fave shade for this hack is Hoola glow, to elevate any day or night time look.

To add even more glow, apply our Cookie Highlighter to your collarbones and high points of shoulders!



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